Today’s Class: February 2, 2018

Today’s guest was Olivia Rodrigues,

O - IMG_4716

Lisanyis Gonzalez (left) and Olivia Rodrigues meet before class.

an entrepreneur, and a fashion and wardrobe consultant.

Today’s host was Lisanyis Gonzalez.

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After Lisanyis welcomed Olivia to Hope High, Lisanyis presented Olivia with her business card. Perfect networking strategy, Lisanyis!

O 3- IMG_4720

Lisanyis introduces Olivia to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

0 6 - IMG_4725

Janita DeJesus welcomes Olivia with a “bonjour!!!!!” after Lisanyis’ introduction.

O5- IMG_4723

Mariana Guerrero Pimental welcomes Olivia to our class with a smile, firm handshake and great eye contact.

O7 - IMG_4727

Olivia begins to share her fascinating story, from her birth and upbringing in the African country of Cote Ivoire until the age of 16 when she came to the United States.

Mr Cronin, before I start, there were many

impressive introductions and greetings.  Janita spoke to me in French!  Wow!

That made me feel comfortable right away. 

She obviously took time to learn about my background.

And, Yaritza had a firm, very professional handshake;  that was impressive.  Everyone had great eye contact and a smile.  I am impressed”  Olivia commented.

Olivia shared her immigration story with the class.  “It wasn’t easy. 

I came to the States when I was 16.

Olivia acknowledged she always understood the value of education and went to Rhode Island College.  “I studied to be an accountant.” 

After college, Olivia took a job at a non-profit company

which advocated for women’s rights.  She did office work as part of a team of women with very strong brands.  “These women changed my life.   They saw something in me.  They had more confidence in me than I had in myself.   Some of

these women became my mentors and encouraged me to follow my dream of a career in fashion. 

I am so thankful to these mentors.”

O9 - IMG_4737

The class soon transitioned from Olivia’s personal story to a role playing exercise about her wardrobe consulting business. Mariana (seated in this picture) imagined she was an finance major in college and applying for a job a JP Morgan, an international investment company. Olivia suggested how Mariana should dress for her JP Morgan interview.

Olivia spoke about dressing for success.

She commented on the appropriateness of tattoos for a hypothetical job interview at JP Morgan, as well as the type of jewelry to wear (“a nice watch!!”) and the perfect blouse and shoes to make the best impression.

However, if Walter is applying for a design job at Apple, a different style of clothes and  jewelry might be helpful getting the job he wants.  JP Morgan and Apple are not the same company with the same culture and expectations!  We all need to do some research about the company we’re applying to and then wear the clothes we believe will help us get the job we want. Not every company’s culture is the same!

The class ended with an opportunity for students to network with Olivia.

O11- IMG_4745

Janita (left, standing) and Rosa Rodriguez (sitting) continue the conversation with Olivia while Nayaly Furcal and Eveline Silva put Olivia’s contact information in their phones. Olivia is holding Rosa’s business card.


Olivia’s email address is – and                                                                                                                                                   Olivia’s web site









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