Today’s Class: February 3rd, 2017

Today’s guest was Adam Rojek, an Instructional Designer and Department leader at Lifespan.

Lifespan is a healthcare system.  Started in 1994 by Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital, the Lifespan network includes Rhode Island Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital’s pediatric division, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Bradley Hospital, Newport Hospital, and Gateway Healthcare.

Our host today was Justin Cordeiro.

Adam - IMG_3351

Justin Cordeiro (left) welcomes Lifespan’s Instructional Designer Adam Rojek to Hope High School prior to today’s class

Adam 3 - IMG_3355

Justin introduces Adam to the Life Skills class

Adam 2 - IMG_3356

Imani Turner welcomes Adam to Hope Life Skills following Justin’s introduction.

Adam began his story with his upbringing in the upstate New York city of Buffalo on the shores of Lake Erie near the Canadian border.

Adam 4 - IMG_3362

Adam begins his story

About 60 inches of snow a year

Adam said when comparing the climates of Buffalo and Providence.  “I played 3 sports in high school; my favorite was football.  I was offered a football scholarship for college.  Played 2 years of college football before I stopped playing to concentrate on my academics.  I didn’t know what I wanted for a career until my sophomore year in college.   I decided upon nursing at that time.”   Today, Adam is the leader of a department at Lifespan which is responsible for serving a number employees in different Lifespan departments.   Adam mentioned the impact people in his network have had on his career opportunities.  “People in my network have given me good advice along the way.  And,

I’ve listened to my mentors.  They helped me push myself out of my comfort zone to try new jobs.  

I was always nervous initially; but in the long run, I found myself doing things I didn’t think possible and it opened up new career opportunities for me.

The question was posed to Adam what a person could earn working in his department.

About $70,000 a year as a starting salary”

he said.

We only hire college graduates.   And, it doesn’t matter what your college degree is in. 

History.  Accounting.   Pharmacy.   Graphic Design.   Doesn’t make a difference.   I look for specific qualities in the people I hire for my department. 

I hire responsible, dependable people; you know, people who will always get their work done on time all the time. 

I look for candidates who are good working with other people.  I want good listeners and people who speak up and can give presentations.”

Adam spoke about the challenge of making presentations.  “I was always nervous with my early presentations.  I got better and then good by continually giving presentations. Most leaders of organizations look for

employees who ask questions and can give presentations.  These people have advantages over other job candidates.”

Adam listened to the class list characteristics and qualities someone would need to be a good candidate for a job in his department.   Adam concurred with the student’s list.

Adam 21 -IMG_3366

Student list of important skills needed to be a good candidate for a job opportunity in Adam’s Lifespan department.

Adam 6 - IMG_3360

Adam tells Hope Life Skills student, Felicia Dickerson, about the qualities she would need to be considered for a job in his department. “Can you use Microsoft Word and Excel?” Felicia answered “yes” to both!

Adam later shared his perception of the Hope brand.

These students were impressive.  You know, you often hear so much criticism about the Hope brand. I found out today the critical perception of the Hope brand is far from reality.  These students are smart, great listeners, respectful, confident, and insightful – look at how many asked questions and offered insightful comments today!  I am impressed”.

The class ended with its standard networking time as many students wished to add Adam to their network.

Adam 9 - IMG_3364

Yael Torres exchanges business cards with Adam at the end of today’s class.


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