Today’s Class: January 11, 2019

Today’s class was about “Brand”,

perceptions and misconceptions, the development, promotion and protection of great ones, and the confidence great brands instill.

We accomplished this with our conversation with

Abby Almonte, sophomore at Loyola University Maryland,

a 4,068 student Jesuit college in Baltimore, Maryland.

We had an opportunity to reflect on many brands today:  Loyola University Maryland, Abby Almonte, and our own.

Energy.  Passion.  Excitement.  Optimism.  Humility.  Kindness.  Trust.  Pushing out of comfort zones.  Change.  Diversity.  Empathy.  Asking questions.  Meeting new people.  Seeing new places.  Networking.  Networking.  Networking.  Building great brands and networks to open doors and create opportunities for life time success.

Hope High School junior Lucy Salado (left) and Abby Almonte prior to today’s class as Lucy welcomed Abby to our Life Skills class.

An interesting part of Lucy and Abby’s conversation before class centered on Abby’s perception of the Hope Life Skills student brand.  Abby was explaining to Lucy how impressed she was with the Hope Life Skills students who visited her high school, LaSalle Academy, her senior year. “Lucy, I couldn’t believe the Hope students had business cards! Whoa! The Hope students were so professional. I thought they really had their act together. Impressive.”

Lucy Salado introduces Abby Almonte to her classmates to start today’s Hope Life Skills class.

Maricruz Flores welcomes Abby to the Hope Life Skills class following Lucy’s introduction.

Khadiatou Njie (left) also greets Abby with a warm greeting to the Life Skills class as Aaron Chy waits to do the same.

Isabella Carraballo-Godfrey also welcomes Abby with a reassuring smile, pleasing eye contact and a confident handshake. Paola Varela Munguia waits to welcome Abby.

Abby begins to share her discovery story, i.e. her college search, reasons for choosing Loyola, her on campus experiences, financial aid, and deciding on a major.  Abby made her journey sound both exciting and challenging.  And, through it all, Abby’s energy, passion, and constant push out of her comfort zone to maximize her talents and opportunities, sustains her quest for success.

Seafood??? Seafood!!!!” Abby’s initial response to Christian Hernandez‘s question about food at Loyola. “Loyola’s food is really good. We have great seafood in the Baltimore area and local farmers continually sell locally grown food directly to the school. And, the crab cakes are amazing!”  It was after this point in today’s conversation Abby extended an invitation to contact her about a visit to the Loyola campus to check out the school.

Following class, a number of students give Lucy their business cards and continue the conversation with her.


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