Today’s Class: January 19, 2018

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Maya Taveras Cordeiro

Today’s guest was Maya Tavares Cordeiro,

the Founder and Owner of Bristol Looms.

Today’s Hope Life Skills host was Nayely Furcal Marte.

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Nayely (left) meets Maya before the start of today’s class. Please notice the scarf Nayely is wearing.   It is one of Maya’s scarfs made out of bamboo!!!!

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Nayely introduces Maya to her classmates at the start of today’s Hope Life Skills class.

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Ashlely Charles welcomes Maya to today’s class immediately following Nayely’s introduction as other students wait to extend a similar greeting to Maya.   As you can see, Ashley’s greeting is perfect – a welcoming greeting, great eye contact, a genuine smile and firm handshake.

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Maya begins to share her entrepreneurial story of success.

When I was a 17 year old high school student, I thought I wanted to be a teacher and went to college to prepare for a teaching career”  Maya explained.   “I made a choice for an elective class, something I didn’t have to take but chose because I was curious what it would be like.  This choice changed my career path.  Instead of my initial plan to be a teacher, I made

a risky choice, out of my comfort zone, to start my own business making fashion accessories. 

An entrepreneur!   Never, when I was sitting in class as a junior in high school, did I ever envision myself as an entrepreneur.  This one choice for an elective class, something different from what I was used to, changed my life.  For the better.  I love my career!  I admit, it’s hard. I sometimes I get discouraged but I love what I do every day.”

Maya encouraged the class to push themselves out of their comfort zones, to meet new people with different interests and different backgrounds.

Make yourself uncomfortable.   Try performing in a play.  Maybe play a musical instrument

if you don’t now or take art classes.  How about a new exercise activity, a new language or travel to a place you haven’t been before?

You’ll be amazed at what you find out about yourself!! 

You may find an unanticipated career like I did” Maya concluded.

Maya 7 - IMG_4669

Maya shows one of the hand made scarfs she makes at her company, Bristol Looms. This particular scarf made from bamboo sells for $220.  Maya answered many student questions, mostly ‘why’ and ‘how’.

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Maya shares her perspective on the value of and responsibilities accompanying ‘networking’.

Before today’s class ended with networking time for those students looking to add Maya to their network, Maya offered helpful hints about creating an effective personal network.  “Networks have a purpose. 

There’s a reason why most successful people have strong networks. 

Your success will often happen when someone in your network connects you with someone else who opens a door of opportunity, possibly for a job interview, an important internship, or maybe to share a thought provoking idea or encouragement when you need it.   But,

good networks need attention.  Sending out a birthday wish or maybe a simple text saying ‘hope your doing well!’

will make people in your network WANT to help you when you need it.  It works. 

If you don’t pay attention to your network until you need them,  don’t be surprised if they don’t respond when you need them most.”   

Thanks, Maya.  Good advice.

Maya 11 - IMG_4679

Walter Jimenez exchanges business cards with Maya at the end of class.

Maya 9 - IMG_4673

Networking with Maya after class – from left to right: Ayo Onajide, Walter Jimenez, Nayely Furcal Marte, and Ashley Charles.


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