Today’s Class: January 27, 2017

Today’s guest was Olivia Rodrigues, entrepreneur, change agent, risk taker and Fashion/Style Consultant.

Olivia is the founder and President of a company called Olivia Rodrigues Stylist.


Olivia Rodrigues

Today’s host was Sara Jackson.

Olivia 1 -IMG_3326

Sara Jackson (left) welcomes Olivia to Hope High today prior to the start of the class.

Olivia 2 - IMG_3328

Sara escorts Olivia into the Life Skills classroom

Olivia 3 - IMG_3329

Sara introduces Olivia to her classmates to start today’s Life Skills class.

Olivia 4 - IMG_3331

Kyra Ferrage welcomes Olivia to class following Sara’s introduction. Aimon Foreman  (left side of photo) and Zidany Fatuda (right side of photo) wait to extend their welcome to Olivia as well.

Olivia 5 - IMG_3336

Olivia begins her story with the Life Skills class.

Olivia spoke about growing up in the west African country of

Ivory Coast.  She emigrated to America when she was in high school.

It was a challenge.  Making new friends.  Speaking American English.  I was a shy person”   Olivia said.  Olivia then spoke about going to college.  “I majored in Spanish and Accounting.  After college, I eventually got a job in Fundraising.   And, now, I am fulfilling my dreams, my passion, for fashion.  It wasn’t the path I originally thought I’d be on.  

I kept pushing myself out of my comfort zone to meet new people and try new things.

I was fortunate to have a network of wonderful people; some became mentors who have guided me in my life.”  Olivia then shared the story of a time when

Olivia 22 - IMG_3338

a person asked her what she career would she like if there was no fear.

I would be in fashion!” she immediately responded. “If there was nothing to fear, I would do something in fashion.  I believe if you really want to do something and

you’re willing to work VERY hard, have perseverance and understand mistakes and failure teach you valuable lessons to fulfill your dreams,

you will be successful”.

The class then moved on to

a role play with two students acting as Olivia’s clients

at a session to determine the best styles and clothes for them to wear to enhance their personal brands.

Olivia 6 IMG_3339

Deyreni Ferreras tells Olivia what is in her closest.

Olivia 7 -IMG_3343

Sara Jackson is Olivia’s second client. Olivia admits shopping at a second hand store and often going to a tailor to adjust clothes she really wants to wear.

The class ended with students networking with Olivia, exchanging business cards, to continue the conversation at a later date.

Olivia 19 -IMG_3332

Yael Torres networks with Oliva as Zidany Fatuda awaits to do the same.

Olivia 8 - IMG_3348

Kyra exchanges business cards with Olivia as Imani, Aimon, Delsairey and Ingris wait to do the same.





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