Today’s class: June 5, 2015

Today’s Life Skills class guest was

Jeff Sparr.   His message – tell your story;  take charge of your destiny!

Jeff has been telling his story all over the world for many years.   In the process, Jeff has changed lives, not least of whom, his own.


Jeff Sparr begins his story with our Life Skills class.

Jeff’s story is about mental illness.   He’s been fighting his own battle against a form of mental illness called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD.  “After visits to Butler Hospital, therapy and medication, a friend suggested I try art.    Despite having no art training, I bought paints, canvas and a brush and started to paint.  And, much to my surprise, I started feeling better.   Trust me, painting has not cured my OCD;  it’s just helps me cope with it” Jeff said.   


Jeff begins to paint in Life Skills class

“One out of five people deal with mental illness whether it’s their own struggles or someone in their family with depression, OCD or some other form of mental illness .

Jeff then told us his surprise.   “I was shocked.  People liked my art.  So much so, they starting paying me for my paintings.  Thousands of dollars.”

And with his unanticipated profits, Jeff made a life changing decision.  “I decided to use the money from my art to help others battle mental illness.  So, I started a non-profit organization with its

mission to share the peace of mind I found in art.   I called my organization ‘Peace Love’.”


Peace Love brand

Peace Love Studios are located at Hope Artiste Village, 999 Main St, Unit #704 in Pawtucket, RI.  The phone number is 401.475.9778.  For more information, check out

the Peace Love web site – .


Olimpia Saldana Perez congratulates Jeff during the class networking session as Chevell Burgess looks on.

The Life Skills guests come to our class to share their stories of challenges, mistakes and failure and eventual success.  Most of us will have opportunities during our lives to share our story.  Whether it’s during a job or internship interview or a college visit, telling our story enables us to control the perception of our brand and, in the process, create opportunities for success.

There is often misinformation about everyone which can create negative, erroneous perceptions of a brand.   Consequently, we should

always accept the opportunity to tell our story to shape an accurate brand and, in the process, control our destiny.

Yes, storytelling can be challenging and sometimes nerve racking.  But, for  those willing to push out of their comfort zone and accept the challenge to tell the truth, opportunities are often born.

Telling your story can dispel erroneous perceptions to secure the brand we hope for.

Positive brands create opportunity; we become the masters of our destiny.    Negative brands, on the other hand, leave us standing outside opportunity’s door, without a key, only dreaming to get in.

Jeff’s message was clear.   “Take a chance;

push out of your comfort zone to tell your story.   In the process, you may find what I did; a life changing opportunity for personal fulfillment and success.”

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