Today’s Class: March 15, 2019

Today’s guest was Ed Ithier, Sales Program Manager at the Xerox Corporation.

Xerox is an American global corporation that sells print and digital document products and services in more than 160 countries around the world.  Accompanying Ed Ithier was Nick Decesare, the Creative Director at Signature Printing in East Providence, Rhode Island.

David Narvaez and Darwin Morales were our hosts

today welcoming Ed Ithier and Nick Decesare to Hope High School and the Hope Life Skills class.

Today’s conversation was about basketball, recruiting, taking advantage of networking opportunities

through hard work, pushing out of your comfort for a diverse network of successful people, good time management, and always doing the right thing to create a powerful personal brand.

Ed Ithier (right side of photo with water bottle in hand) speaking with David Narvaez while Darwin Morales (far left) welcomes Nick Decesare to the Life Skills class.

David introduces one of his Hope High basketball teammates to Ed Ithier prior to the start of today’s class.

David introduces Ed Ithier to his classmates while Darwin waits to do the same with Nick Decesare.

Following David and Darwin’s introductions, Hope Life Skills students introduce themselves to Nick (left) and Ed (far right) and welcome them to today’s class.

Ed Ithier begins to share his story from his youth in New York City and St Raymond’s high school to his full scholarship, playing basketball at Southern New Hampshire University and onto a successful business career at the Xerox Corporation.

Jose Quintanilla (red sweatshirt speaking with Ed Ithier) networks with Ed during the networking time at the end of class as Arthur Bonga waits to do the same.

Selene Bun asks Nick to help her connect with his daughter, Ali, who is studying Engineering at New York University.  Aaron Chy (white sweatshirt) waits to ask Nick to connect with someone in Nick’s network working in game design.

Maricruz Morales exchanges business cards with Ed at the end of today’s class.

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