Today’s Class: March 16, 2018

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Rosa Rodriguez (right) welcomes Kaydi McQuade to Hope High School prior to today’s Hope Life Skills class.

 Today’s guest was Kaydi McQuade, a partner at Back Pocket Resources.

Kaydi runs a temporary work agency, also called a temp agency or temporary staffing firm, that finds workers for companies looking to hire.  Some companies need short-term workers. Other companies may be looking for permanent employees.  Companies sign contracts with employment firms like Kaydi’s staffing/work agency to find all kinds of workers.  Temporary employees are often needed for cyclical jobs for short term, busy periods of the year.

Today’s host was Rosa Rodriguez.

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Rosa introduces Kaydi to her classmates at the beginning of today’s class.

Kaydi 3 - IMG_4920

Francisco Gonzalez welcomes Kaydi to class following Rosa’s introduction

Kaydi 4 - IMG_4922

Eveline Silva follows Francisco welcoming Kaydi to the Hope Life Skills class.

Kaydi 7 - IMG_4933

Kaydi begins today’s class introducing basic skills for telephone job interviews.

 “Many job interviews will begin on the phone!”  Kaydi began.   “Prepare for the interview. 

Do your research on the company.  Consider having a page of notes ready to remind you of the important points you want the interviewer to know about you and your skills that will help the company you’re applying to.  And, be prepared to ask the interviewer questions about the job and the company.  This will show the interviewer you’re organized, proactive, and conscientious.”

Kaydi then presented the best way to present your brand during the phone call.

Speak slowly and clearly. Be enthusiastic but not silly.  When you must leave a message, be succinct; try not to use too many words. Leave your name and phone number and assure them you’re interested in the job.  Finally, repeat your phone number.”

Remember the phone interviewer can’t see you.  So, your tone of voice is important!  So, too, is courtesy.  For example, say ‘thank you’.  And, then, don’t hesitate to ask questions. ‘I’m happy you asked me that’   or ‘would you clarify the question? I don’t understand’.”

Kaydi then asked the students to practice some of the techniques she introduced.

Kaydi 8 - IMG_4934

Nayely Furcal (left) practices leaving a phone message to Eveline Silva.

Kaydi 9 - IMG_4937

Marianella Galan Jimenez (right) practices leaving her phone message to Francisco Gonzalez.

Kaydi 11 - IMG_4943

Rosa Rodriguez (right) leaves her phone message to Mariana Guerrero Pimental.

Kaydi 12 - IMG_4946

Janita Jimenez (left) responds to Kaydi questions during our mock phone job interview.

Kaydi 13 - IMG_4948

Marianella Galan Pimental (left) responds to Kaydi’s questions during her mock job interview.

Kaydi 16 - IMG_4956

Ashley Charles exchanges business cards with Kaydi during the networking time at the end of today’s class.

Kaydi 14 - IMG_4951

Kaydi gives Janita Jimenez her business card during the networking time at the end of today’s class.

Kaydi 17 - IMG_4959

Walter Jimenez thanks Kaydi for her presentation as Marianella waits to do the same during the networking portion at the end of today’s class. Good job, Walter and Marianella!

Kaydi 15 - IMG_4955

Ianique Imboque networks with Kaydi at the end of today’s class.  Yaire Marquina waits her turn to network with Kaydi.














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