Today’s Class: May 26th, 2017

Today’s guest was Manny Rivas, Hope High 2016 graduate,

a 2015 Life Skills graduate, and present Providence College business and marketing major in his sophomore year.   Today’s Hope Life Skills host was Laisha Mendez.

Manny 2- IMG_3838

Laisha Mendez introduces Providence College sophomore, Manny Rivas, to the Life Skills class.

Manny 3 - IMG_3844

Manny responds to Zidany Fatuda‘s (orange sweatshirt) question

Manny spoke about his freshman year experience at Providence College.  “If I could recommend a few things,

I would encourage your students, Mr Cronin, to be more focused on math, reading and writing while they’re in high school.  

Math class is intense at Providence College.  And, my professors are assigning a few books a week to read!   I’m always writing tooYour Hope Life Skills students really need to be more serious about their math, reading and writing courses while they’re still at Hope High School if they want to be successful in college.

Manny described his college experience, his roommate and how and why he decided upon Providence College.  “I’ve established a schedule I follow every class day;  a time to study, go to class and have fun. I have a diverse network.  My college roommate is white, from Connecticut, from a very rich family.  He’s become one of my best friends!

Providence College is looking for qualified students of color.  Providence College understands the value of a diverse student community

and they’re offering college scholarships to create a diverse Providence College.  I encourage all of you today to push out of your comfort zone to meet new people, regardless of their ethnic group or income level.  

Manny 5 - IMG_3843

Manny shares his story of finding the right school with the best financial aid package available.  He also spoke about the value of internships.  Manny competed and was awarded a Life Skills class, paid internship at CVS Health after his junior year at Hope High.

Visit different colleges.  Schedule meetings with college admission counselors.   Give them your business card and resume.  

Ask for their business card.  In a humble and respectful way,

explain to the college Admission’s Counselor what your contributions will be to their college. 

What clubs you’ll join or even start.  Explain how you’ll be involved in college activities.   Share with them what careers you want to learn about.  Tell the Admission person you are looking forward to meeting and introducing yourself to new people.  And, finally, ask about financial aid.  

If college admissions counselors like your brand, they will be willing to offer you scholarships

to make sure you go to their college instead of one of the colleges they compete with for diverse students.  We all need to market ourselves!!!!   And, once you are accepted into college,

get internships. 

You learn valuable lessons that will help your throughout your life.”

Manny 8 - IMG_3850

Manny shares his contact information with Sara Jackson.

Manny finished the story of his college search and present experience and then spent time networking with the Hope Life Skills class.

Manny 99 - IMG_3855

Zidany Fatuda networks with Manny Rivas after class.



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  1. Just finished my first summer internship at Citizens Bank. A lot of things that I learned from this class came into play during that time. I want to thank Mr. Cronin for his guidance and advice throughout the school year.

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