Today’s Class: November 22, 2019

Today’s class focused on Paid Summer Internship opportunities.

Edwin Silverio, a senior manager overseeing Pharmacy Returns at $200 (billion) CVS Health, Ted Mower, a senior consultant at CVS Health focusing on workforce initiatives (training and talent development), and Yael Torres, Hope Life Skills and Hope High School graduate and present member of the CVS Health Digital team, visited the Life Skills class to explain the application process for summer internships and the many opportunities afforded to Hope Life Skills students.

Josiah Diaz (far left in photo) introduces himself to Yael Torres and explains he will escort Yael into the Life Skills classroom and introduce him to his classmates to start today’s Life Skills class. Omayra Corporan (far right) follows the same process as she introduces herself and welcomes Ted Mower to Hope High.

Mariely Brito Leonardo (far right in photo) is the Life Skills host for today as she welcomes Edwin Silverio to Hope High and informs Edwin she will introduce him to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

At the same time as Mariely, Omayra, and Josiah were welcoming the CVS Health guests, Marques Jett-Correia welcomes a new student to the Life Skills class, Alexander Rodriguez, and informs Alexander he would also be introducing him to the Life Skills class at the beginning of today’s class.

Josiah begins today’s class by introducing Yael to his classmates as Marques, Omayra, and Mariely wait to do the same with Alexander, Ted, and Edwin.

Following the initial introductions, Dalanti Vanover leads the way by introducing himself and welcoming Yael to Hope High.  Other students do the same with their introductions and greetings to our other guests.

Edwin begins today’s presentation by describing the types of summer internships available and the application process and deadlines.

Yael speaks to the class about his experience in the Life Skills class which led to his PAID summer internship at CVS Health and his ongoing employment at CVS Health in multiple departments. I really focused on making sure everyone I met working at CVS Health liked and respected my brand as well as constantly networking with new CVS Health employees. This created long term opportunities for me at the company. I was recently offered a job in the Digital Products division of CVS.  Yael has created a schedule which allows him to continue to be a full time college student and work at CVS Health.

Josiah networks with Ted Mower at the end of today’s class.

Nehemias Rojas networks with Edwin Silverio at the end of today’s class as Stephanie Sequeira waits to do the same.   Ambar Tavarez networks with Ted Mower in the background.

Alexander Rodriguez networks with Edwin Silverio after today’s class while Marques Jett- Correira  exchanges business cards with Ted Mower in the background outside the classroom after today’s class.

Marques speaks with Yael about his experiences at CVS Health at the end of today’s class.




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