Today’s Class: October 11, 2019

Today’s Class was a continuation of the Hope Life Skills class conversations about

what it takes to be successful in life.

Today’s topics were creating a great personal brand,  using your brand to build a great network of successful, reputable people, time management, pushing out of your comfort zone, and three key concepts:

three key concepts for lifetime success – #1 having the courage to always do what is the right thing to do     #2 having the discipline to do the things that aren’t always easy but what’s necessary to accomplish your goals        #3 always staying focused on your goals and values for lifetime success

Today’s guest was Jason Roias who shared his personal story which emphasized successfully managing time, ALWAYS building a personal network of successful, ethical people, courage to make tough decisions, discipline to work hard and do things that aren’t easy but in your best interest, and always staying focused on your lifetime goals.

today’s host was Hope High Life Skills junior, Jarlene Carona, who welcomed Jason to Hope High School and the Life Skills class prior to the beginning of today’s class.

Jarlene introduces Jason to her classmates to start today’s class.  Jason is a former Hope Life Skills student, Hope High senior class President, Hope High 2014 graduate, Providence community service activist, Founder of Hungry Fridays (feeding Providence’s homeless and less fortunate), full time college student, and employee at Hinkley Allen law firm.

Jason shares his personal story with today’s class.

Following today’s class, Juan Serevino networks with Jason and ‘thanks’ Jason for coming to today’s class and sharing his story.

Rafael Cruz networks with Jason after today’s class while Jarlene and Katelyn Taverez wait to do the same.

Brian Matos‘s friend, Ashley, audited today’s Life Skills class to see if she liked to enroll in the class. Good job, Ashley, getting involved in our program by following up with Jason after class.

Jason shared his email address for those students who wished to continue the conversation with him.



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