Today’s Class: October 14, 2016

Today’s guest  was Narine Lemme, a Business Transformation Leader/Master Black Belt at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care in Boston, Massachusetts.   More succinctly, our

guest, Narine Lemme, is a company change agent!

Narine’s role in her company is to create a focus on getting better; in other words, continuous improvement. She helps her work colleagues improve the way they do things in order to better serve their customers.  After she collects and analyzes the data from her observations and has earned the trust of her fellow staff members, she leads the staff through the changes she has recommended.   These changes are intended to have benefits, not only for the customers and the company’s profitability but also for the employees.  Companies need to be profitable to serve their customers and employees well.  “Win – win. In other words, the goal is for everyone to benefit”  Narine said.

Today’s Hope Life Skills host was Kyara Ferrage.

narine 1 - IMG_2744

Kyara (left) welcomes Narine to Hope Life Skills prior to the beginning of class outside of Room 122.

narine 2 - IMG_2749

Kyara introduces Narine to her Life Skills classmates using excellent presentation skills like good eye contact, a pleasing, confident voice and open palms extended in a welcoming manner.  Fantastic!

narine 4 - IMG_2752

Jorge Paz welcomes Narine to Hope Life Skills following Kyara’s introduction. Jorge uses excellent greeting skills –  good eye contact, firm but not crushing handshake and a welcoming smile. The power of our smile!

Narine began our conversation speaking about her upbringing in Russia (then called the  Soviet Union) and the societal differences between the Soviet Union and the United States in housing, education and the purchasing of consumer products from automobiles to toothpaste.  “We were fortunate enough to own a car, a Zhiguli.   There were only a few Soviet car manufactures and no foreign made cars. Every car looked the same.  Everything was controlled and owned by the Soviet government from companies to people’s homes”.   She then spoke about her emigration to the United States of America.

We were so excited to come to AmericaIt was hard in the beginning.  We didn’t have much money but we realized we would have a better life here if we worked hard and got a good education.”

narine 5 - IMG_2753

Narine begins to share her story

 Narine spoke about her career.  “I got a job focusing on continuous improvement while going to college for a MBA (Masters of Business Administration).  I remember seeing a job posting within the company I was working at.  It was a new program the company was starting and it sounded very interesting and challenging.   I didn’t have enough experience for this new position, but a few of my co-workers encouraged me to apply and I felt my education prepared me for it.  So, I applied.”

Narine then focused on 3 reoccurring themes in her life:  change, trust and mentors.

I welcome change!  This doesn’t mean I don’t get nervous

about change;  of course, I do.  But I focus on the opportunities rather than occasional disappointments or mistakes.  I continually push myself out of my comfort zone.  

The only way for a person to grow is to get out of your comfort zone.

I also reach out to my mentors to listen to their ideas. 

My mentors don’t tell me what to do;  they give me things to think about

before I make my decision.  And, I am fortunate to have a few mentors I trust.  Trust is so important.  And, I agree with Mr Cronin.  Trust should not be quickly given; trust has to be earned.”

Our class ended with our regular networking session.

narine 3 - IMG_2750

Delsairey Almonte greets Narine. Great handshake, eye contact, smile and a few welcoming words.

narine 7 - IMG_2760

Perfect networking skills as Felicia Dickerson thanks Narine for coming to our Hope Life Skills class with excellent eye contact, genuine smile and a firm handshake. Perfect.

narin 6 - IMG_2758

Narine gives Zidany Fatuda her business card as Justin Cordeiro examines the business card Narine just gave him.



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