Today’s Class: October 18, 2019

Today’s guest was Sara Jackson,

Providence College sophomore, Hope High graduate, and Hope Life Skills grad.

Today’s Life Skills host was Jarlene Carona.

Today’s conversation was focused on Sara’s transition from Hope High to Providence College, from her high school expectations of college to the

reality of college’s challenges and the importance of TIME MANAGEMENT.

Jarlene welcomes Sara back to Hope High School prior to the start of today’s Life Skills class.

Jarlene introduces Sara to her classmates at the start of today’s Life Skills class.

Following Jarlene’s introduction, Omayra Corporan introduces herself to Sara and welcomes her to the Life Skills class.

Ambar Tavaras also welcomes Sara to today’s Life Skills class as Rafael Cruz, Marques Jett – Correia, and Elliott Burrell wait to do the same.



Sara shares her personal strategy for success at Providence College with the Life Skills students. “You have great responsibilities and freedoms in college. It’s not like high school. You have days where you may have two or three classes and other days you may have none. But college is about what you do outside the classroom to prepare for classroom presentations and discussions as well as completing the reading and writing assignments your professors give you.   How successfully you manage your time will often determine how successful you’ll be in college.”

Lydia Watkins networks with Sara after class.

Networking is all about developing relationships you value for your personal network.  Sara posted her email address for students to follow up with her after today’s class.

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