Today’s Homework: December 18, 2015

1.  Hard work.  Fulfilling responsibilities.  Getting out of one’s comfort zone.  Never Giving Up.  A network of positive people. Optimum brand!  These characteristics rest upon a foundation of ‘attitude’, a mindset,

which creates the focus for all the aforementioned qualities.  These traits are consistent themes from the personal stories of our Life Skills guests first semester.  The common denominator from all our guests has been their positive, ‘growth mindset’ attitude which enables them to focus on goals, give respect to others, push themselves out of their comfort zones, work hard, never give up, find lessons in their failure and mistakes, attract a network of positive, successful people and a belief in themselves!     Please watch this video.

If there is one celebrity today who epitomizes these traits and the ‘attitude’ to sustain them, it’s Stephen Curry.   Coming out of high school, no one believed tiny, skinny Stephen was good enough to play Division 1 college basketball.   Despite the fact that Stephen worked extremely hard and never gave up after no Division 1 coach recruited him with a scholarship is a testament to Stephen’s ‘attitude’ which kept him focused and positive. When no coach believed in him, he found one, Bob McKillop, from Davidson College.  McKillop believed in Stephen which reinforced Stephen’s belief in himself.  “I saw brilliance…..”  McKillop said of Steph.  In other words, McKillop recognized Steph’s powerful belief in himself, his growth mindset, an ‘attitude’ which pushed him to work harder than most, an ‘attitude’ to put failure in its proper perspective, a never give up ‘attitude’ and a network of positive people.  This is the recipe that has enabled Steph Curry to be the successful man he is today. “He’s going to make a lot of money in this game some day”  Coach McKillop once told Stephen’s incredulous parents.  Please watch this short video about the longshot, the player only 1 Division One college coach believed in and a person who always believed in himself, Stephen Curry.

2. Describe, in a well written paragraph, your present day ‘growth set attitude’ or ‘fixed set mindset’.   In this description, please explain what sustains this attitude;  in other words, are their people in your life who provide you with feedback which maintains this sustain attitude?  Does your ‘attitude’ help you go out of your comfort zone to try new things and meet new people and push you to work harder than most?  Are there other things you do to sustain your attitude like a network of people, exercising, meditation or prayer?

3.  Read the profile of Abraham Lincoln in your textbook, ‘A Study of Change‘ from pages 87 to 99.  Please describe a quality of Mr Lincoln which enabled him to become the successful person he eventually became.  Please express your opinion in well written, short sentences sentences with perfect spelling and punctuation.  Thank you.

4.  Please state the name of a person you’ve connected to on LinkedIn.  Please add the company this person works for and his or her title at this company.

Please send your well thought, well written homework to me electronically no later than December 27th, 2015.

I hope you and your loved ones have a happy holiday!  Hope this video puts a smile on your face.

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