Today’s Homework: December 19, 2014

Homework is due by Sunday, January 4th, 2015.   Thank you.  Happy New Year!

Part 1:  Read pages 1 through 30 in “The Future” textbook.  In a well written statement, explain any details in the story that either surprised you or made you question the possibility.   If there is nothing that either surprised you or caused you to question, add a possible development you feel might occur before January 1st, 2100 at 6:15am.

Part 2:  Complete Activity One in “The Future” textbook on page 31 with coraje!!!!!!! and in a well written, grammatically correct paragraph with perfect spelling.

Part 3:  Complete Activity Two in “The Future” textbook on page 32.  With each of the 6 critical 21st century skills listed in this activity, simply explain your present skill level after each skill.  For instance, “Foreign Language“, you might say “I am presently studying Spanish in school or I have purchased the Rosetta Stone Spanish language module.”  Or, you might say “I’m bi-lingual; I am fluent in English and Spanish”.    For another category like “Networking“, you might say “I am actively building a network of successful people with good ethics. I constantly carry my business cards, protect my brand and push myself out of my present comfort zone to meet new people.  I’ve recently added a Director from CVS Health to my network.”  Or, possibly with Computer, you might say “I need to work on my ability to use Excel.  I plan to visit the Khan Academy web site for a tutorial on Excel.

Part 4:  Share your reaction to the Life Expectancy Analysis infograph appearing in last Thursday’s Wall Street Journal.  Your reaction may be an observation on the countries with the highest and lowest life expectancies.   Or, your reaction may be about countries exhibiting the biggest change in their life expectancies between 1990 and 2013 and your intuition why this change took place.   As always, your reaction must be expressed in a well written paragraph with perfect spelling and proper grammar.

Part 5:   For those students who found someone to give your holiday cookie to, I would appreciate it if you would share the reaction you observed in the person you gave the cookie to.   Thank you for sharing.   I hope you have a happy holiday.   The joy is always in the giving.

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  1. Steve,
    been observing this site for a while. Things look good in this year’s class. I look forward visiting the class in a couple of weeks.

    Nick DeCesare
    Creative Director

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