Today’s Homework: December 2, 2016

1.   Write an email to Don Mays, the Director of the Intercultural Center at Roger Williams University, to follow up our visit and conversation with him at the University.  Your email objective should be to make sure Don is an engaged member of your network, i.e. someone who cares about you and you can call upon for advice or help.   Your email should express your appreciation for the opportunity he provided by facilitating our campus visit and the advice he shared with you during our post-lunch conversation.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOMEONE PROOF READ YOUR EMAIL BEFORE SENDING IT.  Remember, he recommended you should have someone check your college essay before sending it.  Any correspondence you have with any ‘important’ person should be proofed by a reliable person before sending.  YOUR WRITTEN COMMUNICATION AFFECTS YOUR BRAND.  Please write your email to Don IMMEDIATELY.  THE LONGER YOU WAIT, THE LESS EFFECTIVE YOUR NETWORKING IS.

2.  Please READ my vision of the FUTURE by accessing “The Future” book on this web site.  Please read the text and reflect on the photos from page 1 to page 44.  Please remember what the Roger Williams University student at the multi-cultural center told us about the amount of reading RWU professors assign. Reading is important in college and life.  The reading assignments are done to help you prepare you for what your professors and, potentially, your future bosses will ask of you. Furthermore, a secondary objective of this reading is for you to reflect on your future and begin to create a strategy for exploiting the opportunities and managing the challenges I believe you will encounter.

3.   Your 5 Year Vision plan.  Please complete Activity Six in “The Future” book on page 50 AND EMAIL YOUR ANSWERS TO ME BY 11:59PM ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6TH.  THANK YOU.

4. Constructive Criticism:  Please give me your candid, constructive feedback on things I could do to improve the next college tour for the Life Skills class.  Please give me your comments in well constructed sentences with perfect spelling and good grammar.   Please no ‘run on’ sentences; ( this means too many ideas in one sentence).  Thank you. Please send your comments to my email address by 11:59PM ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6TH.

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