Today’s Homework: December 3, 2017

1.  Read pages 61 through 67 in the “Brand” textbook, the ‘Story of Cesar Chavez’.

2.  Let’s use our imagination.   Make believe you have the opportunity to have dinner with Cesar Chavez at a restaurant called Forbes Mill Steakhouse at 206 North Santa Cruz Highway in Los Gatos, California.     You and Mr Chavez are seated when the waitress approaches you.  You notice her name tag says – Tara Cronin, Providence, Rhode Island.    Hmmmm…..Your mind starts wondering.  Could she be…..?   Please share with me one question you will ask Mr Chavez during dinner.   Then, please tell me something you will say to the waitress other than ‘how is the Australian Coldwater Lobster at this restaurant?’.    Please send your well written answers with perfect spelling and well constructed, short sentences to my email address by Sunday, November 12th before midnight!  Thank you.  I look forward to reading your responses.

3.  Today’s guest, Nan Quinlin, encouraged all of us to

set up our profile on LinkedIn,

a popular, employment networking web site (  LinkedIn is used mainly for career networking;  i.e. (that is) people looking for jobs and companies looking for good job candidates.  LinkedIn will be another tactic for building your network of successful people who may one day help you get an internship, job or maybe acceptance into the University or College of your choice.

LinkedIn_Logo_2013.svgGo to the LinkedIn web site to set up your profile.   Check out my profile on LinkedIn.  You can also

check out the LinkedIn profiles of Hope Life Skills graduates Hafzat Akanni, Marta Aparicio, or Johnny Montanez.

Once you’ve finished setting up your profile,

connect with me on LinkedIn.

You can find my LinkedIn profile by  putting my name, Stephen Cronin, in the inquiry bar at the top of the site.  Make sure you read the Stephen Cronin profile to make sure it’s me.  There are many Stephen Cronins on LinkedIn.

Once my profile appears, click on the connect button.

This will send a message to me asking if I will connect with you which I will.   I look forward to connecting with you on linkedin.  Please do this as soon as possible.

4. What do you think about a “Meet Mr Cronin” night at Hope High School?    I would ask you to bring one or both of your parents to meet me.   I will have dinner for everyone;  we can talk about the menu during one of our classes.  We’ll start about 6:30pm.  I will have a few of my friends, like George Ortiz and Marta Aparicio, come to meet your parents too.  I will tell parents about what we’re doing and planning to do in the Hope Life Skills program.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?   WILL YOUR PARENTS BE INTERESTED AND ABLE TO COME?

2 thoughts on “Today’s Homework: December 3, 2017

  1. Hello Mr Cronin, thank’s for asking, yes I had some problems creating my account on And I gonna look tomorrow for Shai Afsai during lunch c if she can help with it, and my mom dosen’t work Saturday, but my dad do, and they don’t speak a lot of english, especyally my mother, and where you want to meet them by the way?.

  2. Hello Mr Cronin how are you, I hope you’r good, here is my assignment, I would ask Mr Chavez, if he can give me his business card, or accept mine?. And I would tell the waitress if she knows you Mr Cronin or if she is related to you Mr Cronin, I’m sure that, when the class read the name of the waitress, the first person with whom they relate it was with you Mr Cronin, I think it is obvious since the name of the waitress is Tara Cronin. anyways thank you for you time Mr Cronin, good night and I hope to see you Friday.

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