Today’s Class: November 3, 2017

Today’s guest was Nan Quinlan,

a professional training and coaching consultant and contractor.  In other words,

Nan helps people find and get the jobs they aspire to.

Nan also helps companies find and keep the best employees in their companies.   Furthermore, Nan trains people to maximize their BRANDS to find and keep the jobs they like.

nanq - IMG_4288

Nelson Castillo (right) welcomes Nan Quinlan to today’s Hope Life Skills class.

nanq 2 - IMG_4290

Nelson does a great job introducing Nan to his classmates at the start of today’s class.

nanq 3- IMG_4293

Walter Jimenez greets Nan following Nelson’s introduction.

nanq 5 - IMG_4295

Janita DeJesus welcomes Nan to today’s Hope Life Skills class.

Nanq 6- IMG_4302

Ayo Onajide introduces himself to Nan and welcomes her to our class.

Nan began today’s class with information and suggestions for getting the job a person wants.  “First of all, more and more

companies are using the business media site, LinkedIn, to find and check on applicants

to work in their companies.  LinkedIn also helps people build and position their brands for job opportunities.  Secondly,

companies closely monitor the Facebook and Instagram postings of each job applicant. 

People may have outstanding skills and work experience but, if the images they post on Facebook and Instagram have negative brand perceptions, they will not be hired.  I know there are people who have been offered jobs and college scholarships and the jobs and scholarships have been rescinded, taken away, because of new, NEGATIVE information found either on Facebook or Instagram.  Be careful.  Finally,

do your research on the company you are applying to get a job with.  Google their name.  Make sure you know what services or products they sell.  

nanq 7 - IMG_4305

Nan begins the class with a few suggestions for students applying for jobs.

Learn who their President is.  Be prepared!”

The class then moved to

a series of role playing exercises

where a few students acted as job applicants interviewing with Nan.

nanq 8 -IMG_4309

Ianique Imboque begins today’s role playing exercises by walking into the lobby of a make believe company and greets the company receptionist, played by Jessicaliz Carrasquillo,  with  “hello. I am here for a meeting with Nan Quinlan for a job interview.

nanq 9 - IMG_4311

Ianique greets Nan with a healthy handshake, great eye contact and a smile, before sitting down for his interview.

nanq 10 - IMG_4316

Ianique’s job interview.

nanq 12- IMG_4318

Catherine Vosono greets receptionist Jessicaliz, or as the receptionist is called at TACO Inc, in Cranston, “THE DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS”!!

nanq 14 - IMG_4320

Receptionist, Jessicaliz, walks into Nan’s hypothetical office to announce Catherine’s arrival.

nanq 17 - IMG_4329

Nan interviews Catherine for a job.

nanq 18 - IMG_4332

Francisco Gonzalez approaches Jessicaliz, THE DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS, for the last interview of the day.

nanq 19 - IMG_4335

Nan shares her positive feedback with Francisco on his outstanding performance during his mock job interview in today’s class.

nanq 20 - IMG_4336

Nayely Furcal Marte networks with Nan at the end of today’s class.

nanq 28 - IMG_4347

Yaritza Jimenez networks with Nan at the end of today’s class. Johnny Ruiz waits to do the same.

nanq 40 - IMG_4351

Nan showed me the students who networked and exchanged business cards with her at the end of class.












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