Today’s Homework: February 2, 2018

1.  One more step to take with your resume.  I returned to you today your resume with my suggestions written on the page.  Please use my suggestions to refine the format and information on your resume.  Please give me your revised resume at the start of next week’s class.  Please use Jessicaliz’s resume format shown below:  start with a brief summary, then the skills you have shown in school, a school activity or job, then list your work experience, education, and then special awards or recognition (if you’ve been a captain of a team or lead role in a play or choir or student council, etc.  Rosa, Laisha and Eveline, list your selection as our class representative at the National Youth Leadership Forum on Law and CSI).


Great Resume! Check out the sequence: Summary, then Skills, Experience, Education followed by Awards/Special Recognition


2. There are multiple opportunities for PAID summer internshipsCVS Health. Collette Tours.  Books on the Square have already committed for this summer.   Check out their web sites to see if you’d like to apply.  I am working on getting more summer internships.  You will be competing with other students in this class for these PAID internships.  You will be expected to have resumes at your interviews.   Internships are impressive on resumes AND college applicationsLet me know if you have any questions and are interested in summer internships at these companies.

3.  We have already identified 3 students to represent us in Washington, D.C. this July at the National Youth Leadership Forum in Law and CSI:  Rosa Rodriguez, Eveline Silva and Laisha Mendez.  I just received another donation to sponsor ONE MORE STUDENT.  Please check out the National Youth Leadership Forum web site ( and let me know if you are interested in representing us at the Forum with Rosa, Eveline and Laisha.

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