Tdoay’s Guest: The Federal Bureau of Investigations – FBI

That’s right, the FBI!!!

An FBI special agent visited our class today to speak about her experience at the Bureau.

Our Hope Life Skills host today was Laisha Mendez.

First impressions mean a lot when the FBI is considering applicants to the agency.  We constantly observe how agent applicants handle themselves in different situations.  We evaluate their level of professionalism:   how they present themselves to others;  their eye contact, handshake, and their greeting to the person they meet;  how they sit in a meeting.  Did they show up on time?  Do they sit upright and pay attention or do they slouch in their chair and appear disinterested? 

The impressions this class created with me during our introductions today were exceptional. 

I have never seen this level of professionalism at any high school I’ve ever visited.  Impressive”  according to the FBI agent recruiter visiting today’s class.

FBI 5 - IMG_4798

Catherine Visono (left) and Jonasia Brown wait to be recognized by the visiting FBI agent for one of several questions posed by the class. For security reasons, we are not able to identify nor post any photographs of the FBI agent.

The FBI recruiter spoke about the application process.

There are intense background checks

of every applicant.  We speak to your teachers, job supervisors, coaches and neighbors.  We do a criminal background check as well as researching your cyber presence;  this means, what you post on Facebook and Instagram and the various web sites you visit. 

We pretty much know everything there possibly is about you. 

Then, we make a decision, i.e. do we want this person in the agency?  Will they represent us well?   Can they be trusted?”

The recruiter spoke about the

importance of physical fitness, a college degree

and the wide variety of jobs offered in the agency. “There’s a strenuous physical and psychological testI went to


for a few months for my physical test and New York for a multi-hour interview by 3 senior agents”  our visiting FBI agent stated.  “Most agents have college degrees. We have agents working in a wide variety of fields.  We have interpreters.  Cyber security specialists.  We have accountants.  Robot specialists.  Negotiators.”  

The agent then spoke about the advantages of the students in this class

“If you meet the academic, physical, and psychological requirements,

the FBI is looking for multi-lingual applicants and the agency also wants to be more diverse. 

This means the agency wants more women and people of color.” 

Today’s class finished with a networking opportunity where students exchanged business cards with our visiting FBI agent.

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