Today’s Homework: February 23, 2018

1.  Yes or No  –  Are you interested in applying for a paid, summer internship at CVS?  Please send me your answer to my email address before I go to bed on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

2. Please watch the following video about interviewing techniques.  Please remember what impressed CVS during Aimon’s interview for her summer internshipAimon did research on CVS before her interview and learned about CVS’s decision to stop selling cigarettes at their stores.  She then asked her CVS interviewer why CVS made the decision to stop selling cigarettes.  Aimon’s research and her question about the company’s decision impressed her interviewers.  Her interview performance created a very positive personal brand for her. She was perceived as being proactive, curious, prepared, hard working and someone who really wanted to be part of the company.   As a result, CVS interviewers thought Aimon would be a great person to hire.    After watching this video, please tell me something you will tell the CVS interviewer about yourself or something you’ve done that will hopefully convince them you will be a great intern at CVS during the summer of 2018. Please send me your answer in a well written statement to my email address before I go to bed on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

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