Today’s Class: February 23, 2018

Today’s class introduced the

Hope Life Skills PAID SUMMER INTERNSHIP program.

While representatives from CVS Health explained the internship opportunities and the application process, Life Skills graduates,

Aimon Foreman and Yael Torres, shared their internship experiences from last summer at CVS Health.

cvsmatt 5- IMG_4825

Ashley Charles (left in photo) welcomes Matt Lague (arms folded to the right of Ashley), CVS Health analyst and Internship Program coordinator, to Hope High before the start of today’s class. Please note in the background of this photo Hope Life Skills student Oladipupo Ojekunle (blue sweatshirt) welcoming Kaydi McQuade, the President of Back Pocket Resources, a temporary worker placement agency, to today’s class.

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Marianella Galan Jimenez (left with plaid shirt) welcomes former Life Skills students and CVS Health summer interns, Yael Torres (in the ROTC uniform) and Aimon Foreman, to today’s class.

cvsmatt 1 - IMG_4820

Mariana Guerrero Pimentel (right) welcomes Edwin Silverio, an analyst at CVS Health, to Hope High before the start of today’s class.

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Ashley introduces Matt Lague to her fellow classmates at the start of today’s class as Oladipupo and Marianna wait to introduce Kaydi and Edwin.

cvsmatt 6 - IMG_4828

Marianella Galan Jimenez introduces Life Skills graduates and CVS Health summer interns, Yael Torres and Aimon Foreman, to her classmates.

cvsmatt 9 - IMG_4835

Mariana introduces Edwin to her classmates.

cvsmatt 8 - IMG_4832

Oladipupo introduces Kaydi to his classmates to start today’s class.

cvsmatt 12 - IMG_4845

Today’s guests share their intern experiences and how their internships improved their resumes and personal networks, created new job opportunities as well as exposing them to 21st century jobs and corporate workplaces.

cvsmatt 16 - IMG_4854

CVS Health Internship coordinator, Matt Lague, describes the different types of job experiences offered in the summer internships as well as explaining the process for applying for the paid summer internships.

The first thing I want you to know is

there are different types of jobs in the internship program. 

Hope students have worked in pharmacy, supply chain management, customer service and IT.  We’ll ask you what kind of job you’re interested in.  

Each intern will be paid $15. per hour. 

There will be a background investigation that checks your FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN site.   I’ll be asking Mr Cronin about your attitude and your performance in this class. 

We’ll ask Mr Cronin to describe your personal brand and if he thinks each candidate will represent the Hope Life Skills class and CVS well. 

We want to know if you’re dependable, if you show up to class, and if you complete your assignments.  We want to make sure the intern will show up to CVS on time every day and how well the intern will work on a CVS team. There will be a formal interview for each person interested in the internship.  Then, if you are chosen for the internship, I’ll try to place you in the type of job you’re interested in at CVS.”

cvsmatt00 - IMG_4852

Aimon encouraged students to apply for an internship.

When I first started in Mr Cronin’s Life Skills class, I did not want to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I was introverted”

Aimon said.  “The Life Skills class was a challenge.  Initially, I didn’t want to be a class host to introduce guests.  In spite of this attitude, I decided to apply for the internship. The Life Skills class and especially the CVS internship changed me. When I was at CVS, I told myself ‘I had to push myself’. 

I started introducing myself to people at CVS. 

I started asking questions more confidently. And then, at the end of my internship, I did something I never envisioned myself doing.  I stood before a podium and gave a presentation to CVS staff members, fellow interns and Mr Cronin. 

My CVS summer internship helped build my confidence.

I continue to push myself today.   I feel better about my ability to be successful in new experiences. 

I encourage all of you to consider this internship opportunity. 

It could change your life the way it changed mine.”

cvsmatt 11 - IMG_4839

Students network with today’s guests at the end of today’s class. Catherine Visono (right side of photo facing Aimon) speaks with Aimon after class.

cvsmatt 20 - IMG_4863

Ayo Onajide speaks to Edwin and Matt about an opportunity to work with CVS Health staff in IT.

cvsmatt 18 - IMG_4858

Marianella exchanges business cards with Yael.

cvsmatt 17 - IMG_4862

Eveline Silva speaks with Kaydi during the post class networking time.










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