Today’s Homework: February 24th, 2017

1.  Please watch this video about BODY LANGUAGE.   The article I gave you to read ties into this short presentation by an expert on BODY LANGUAGE.   It attempts to impress upon you the importance of BODY LANGUAGE.    You can have the best ideas.  You can network tirelessly.   You can try to build the best brand and safeguard it from negative perceptions.   Yet, your best efforts can be unintentionally negated by your body language.  If you’re interested in getting a great internship, a great job, an interview for admission to a college that you believe will maximize your potential, a date with a person you admire, your BODY LANGUAGE may be the key ingredient for achieving this goal.

2. After reading the article I gave you on BODY LANGUAGE, please tell me one BODY LANGUAGE tendency you believe you can improve upon. As always, please express your assessment in a well written statement with perfect spelling, good grammar and punctuation and SHORT SENTENCES sent to my email address no later than Thursday, March 2nd, 2017, 3:45am. Thank you.

3. Here’s another interesting video on BODY LANGUAGE: How to begin a conversation in a networking situation.

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