Today’s Homework: February 6, 2015

1.  Field trip preparation:   This Friday we will leave Hope High at 10am for a field trip to the amazing office of “TeeSpring” in Providence, Rhode Island.  We will return to Hope High shortly after 2pm.  You are expected to research “TeeSpring” on Wikipedia, the TeeSpring web site and any other credible source you can find.   Part of the search should include the founders of the company and any other important people or products associated with the company.   This will prepare you for our question and answer session with the TeeSpring staff.  Finally, check with Ms Lora to make sure you have passed in your permission slip.  You don’t need to write anything to send to me for this part of our homework.  I simply ask you to prepare for this field trip as you would for any important event.  Preparation enables you to get the most out of an event as well as maximizing your brand and our Hope Life Skills brand.  Finally, preparation will enable you to successfully complete your assignment on page 55 and 56 in your “My Story” textbook to design, market and sell your KG3 North American division teeshirt on TeeSpring.

2.  Metaphor:   As you have probably been informed in an English class long ago, a metaphor is “something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else; a metaphor is a symbol representing something else“.   Examine the cover of your newest textbook, “A Study of Change“.  The cover is a photograph by the famous Rhode Island photographer, Richard Benjamin.   Explain why you believe the author of your textbook chose this photograph for the cover of this book and if you feel the photograph may serve as a metaphor for something.   As always, your explanation must be well written with perfect spelling and capitalization, good grammar and NO RUN ON SENTENCES.   Thank you.

3.  Read pages 1 through 33 in your new textbook, “A Study of Change“.   The author presents his perspective on ‘change’ throughout these pages.    In a well written paragraph with perfect spelling and capitalization, good grammar and NO RUN ON SENTENCES, compare your perspective on ‘change’ with the author’s stated perspective on ‘change’.  If the perspectives are different, explain how your perspective is different from the author’s.  If they are similar, explain the similarities of your ‘change’ perspective and the author’s.

4. After reading the assigned pages in “A Study of Change“, please tell me in one well written sentence what you believe your “Element” is as defined by Sir Ken Robinson.  Thank you.

5. I am always looking for feedback on our conversations with our class guests.   Please give me your feedback on our conversation with Sydney Flanagan yesterday.   Did the conversation make you think and reflect and, as a result, did Sydney’s story help you refine or embolden your plan for success?  As always, I expect your candid, constructive opinions.   My objective for our class is to provide an experience for you to improve your skills, expand your perspectives, and build confidence in your ability to extend yourself out of your comfort zone.  In the process, you will be better prepared to create and exploit opportunities for success, both now and in your future.  Thank you for your feedback.

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