Today’s Class: January 30, 2015

Today’s guest was Nick DeCesare, the Creative Director at TWOBOLT.    Today’s ‘Life Skills’ class host was Joan Tueros who introduced Nick to the class.

Nick 7photo

Joan Tueros (right) introducing TWOBOLT Creative Director Nick DeCesare (left) to today’s Life Skills class.

The class’s conversation with Mr DeCesare focused on

the creative process and the importance of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone to access and express our creative abilities.


Nick DeCesare sharing his story with the class. Zachary Reyes (seated to Nick’s left in the photo), Joan and Gisabel Salcedo (far right in the photo) listen intently.


He claimed “everyone has creative abilities.  Some people are just better at finding, developing and using them.”

He went on to explain what he does for his job and when and where he finds himself to be the most creative.  “My company presently provides creative services to a number of companies.  We help company’s develop marketing strategy, plan specific marketing campaigns, build web sites, design magazine advertisements and post card mailings, even plan events;  we help companies utilize, enhance and protect their corporate brands”  he said.

He then acknowledged specifics on how he

finds his most creative ideas.   “Definitely late at night!” he said, “from 9pm to after midnight. 

I’ve also found my creativity is best when I’m

working in a small group of 3 or 4 people whose creative skills complement mine.

For example, one of the people I work with is great at creating stories and using words.  My strength is turning words and ideas into pictures and colors.  Another person is great at organizing everything and keeping the group focused on priorities.   Another person is great with technology.  Each person is creative and usually strong in a special area.  

We’re all good at finding and analyzing data and then finding the truth in the data 

before creating.  Research is important before creating anything.  You need reliable information. We try to have fun too;  we believe we create better when it’s fun.”  Mr DeCesare encouraged everyone to find when they’re most creative whether it’s in the shower or exercising or sleeping in bed; early in the morning or late at night; listening to music, reading a book or magazine or in a quiet place.   “It’s the reason why so many people have a pencil and paper by their bed or a recorder while they’re running………  And, every idea isn’t a winner.  Some of our ideas are rejected; a few fail to reach the objective.   But, we learn from each experience.  Our failures help us create the next great idea, campaign, web site, brochure or magazine ad.”


Cover of the “My Story” textbook designed by Ali DeCesare, Nick DeCesare’s daughter. Ali was a high school freshman when she designed this book cover. Ali is also the designer of the ‘Life Skills’ student business cards.

All the insights shared by Mr DeCesare were useful and timely.   Students have been assigned (page 55 & 56 in the “My Story” textbook)

an entrepreneurial project for the design, marketing and production of a tee-shirt for the North American division of the KG3 corporation through the resources of the successful Providence, Rhode Island company, TeeSpring.

Following the class conversation, the class transitioned into the usual networking session for students to exchange business cards with Mr DeCesare and hopefully add him to their networks.


Nick DeCesare and Life Skills student, Manny Rivas, exchanging business cards and sharing a laugh during the networking session.

Nick 5photo

Olimpia Aldana Perez networks with Nick DeCessare while Gisabel Salcedo (following Olimpia), Aileen Rodriguez Jimenez and Isabel Romero wait to exchange business cards and hopefully add Nick DeCesare to their networks.

Nick 6photo

A photo of five creative people: musician Joan Tueros, musician and graphic designer Nick DeCesare, artist Jessica Dough (to the immediate right of Mr DeCesare in this photo), singer Gisabel Salcedo and technologist Fernando Perez.

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  1. Steve,

    Thanks again for having me join your class. I’m always impressed with the great group of talented students. It was a pleasure meeting all of them. Looking forward to hearing more of their ideas on improving your website.


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