Today’s homework: January 30, 2015

1.  Read the article distributed in class today entitled “Graduate of the Year” by New York Times columnist, Nicholas Kristof.  Refer to a specific line in the article that resonated with you the most and CAUSED YOU TO REFLECT.  Next, explain in a well written paragraph why this particular line in the column affected you the way it did.  AND BY THE WAY, ‘Thank you’ JENNIFER, for your recommendation about providing links to the articles.   IT WAS VERY HELPFUL.  Click Here.

2.   Last week, I was teaching a ‘Personal Branding‘ seminar to a class of Boston high school students in Cambridge.  I was showing pictures of various people and companies, from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and the Nike logo to England’s King George the Third, and asking the students what their opinions were of the personal and corporate brands they saw.  When I held up the picture of King George the Third of England, a student’s reaction was “a tyrant, an evil leader.  He was brutal.  He was a person who did bad things to America“.   I then gave this student a copy of your textbook, “My Story“,  and asked him to read King George’s telling of his own story.   The next day, the student returned to class to once again share his perception of England’s King George the Third’s brand.   I AM ASKING YOU TO READ KING GEORGE’S STORY AS TOLD BY THE KING HIMSELF FROM PAGES 25 TO 47.  IN A WELL WRITTEN PARAGRAPH WITH PERFECT SPELLING, GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION, STATE YOUR PERCEPTION OF KING GEORGE THE THIRD’S BRAND.   The intended lesson of this assignment is the important of getting all sides of a story before drawing any conclusions about anyone or anything.

3. Thanks to TRAVIS for the constructive criticism on this site.  Today’s guest, Nick DeCesare, and I await examples of other sites to look to for improvements.

4. You, once again, were great in class today.  You always make me proud.  Every guest we’ve had in class this year has given me the same feedback on your brand:   “Wow.  These students are impressive.  They’re bright.   They present themselves well.  They’re so respectful and curious.  I’ve never met 16 year olds like this;  in fact, I don’t find many professionals who act like this.  Their eye contact during introductions and handshakes.   Their genuine smiles.  They say ‘Please’ and ‘thank you for coming to our class’; they’re great hosts.  And, they’re so curious.  An impressive bunch of young people.   I’m glad I met them……..”.    You all are developing great networks and brands for yourself and the school.

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