Today’s Homework: January 16, 2015

1. On the Wall Street Journal infograph I distributed in class today, which one of the four recommendations in ‘How To Project Intelligence’ infograph surprised you the most?   Please state your answer in a COMPLETE SENTENCE.  Thank you.

y5divqokfbpnnbxzwap0click image  to enlarge

2.  After reading the article entitled “The Brand Called ‘YOU’” from the November 2o14 edition of Fast Company Magazine I distributed in class today, please tell me what you are presently doing to develop your personal brand to create your opportunities for success.  Please state your answer in complete, well written sentences.  Thank you.

3.  Please think about our class today on preparing for a successful job or internship interview with Ms Nan Quinlan.   Please list 4 things you will keep in mind as you prepare for your next interview for a job, internship or even college admittance.   As always, please state your answer in complete, well written sentences.    Thank you.

4.   If you are interested in going on our fascinating January 30th, 2015 field trip to the Providence company, TeeSpring, please pass in your field trip forms to Ms Lora by next week’s class.    If you choose not to go, it’s ok.  Simply extend me the courtesy of an email or text informing me that you are not interested in going.   Thank you.


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