Today’s Homework: January 23, 2015

1. Part ONE:  ‘The Ask’.    From pages 20 to 22 in your “My Story” textbook, I introduce the concept of ‘the ask’.    Please write a well written paragraph explaining your understanding of ‘the ask‘.

2. Part TWO:  Please state if you have or have not had the opportunity to ‘ask’.  If you have had the opportunity and did, in fact, ‘ask’, please share in a separate paragraph how you felt about asking and what the result was.    Jessica did during our networking segment at the end of yesterday’s class with Adriana.

3.  Permission slip:  Make sure you have passed in your permission slip for our field trip to TeeSpring next Friday morning after class.   Bus will leave at 10am.   I anticipate this trip being an exceptional experience.  I know all of you will have done your research on TeeSpring prior to our trip.

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