Today’s Homework: March 24th, 2017

1.  We speak often in this Life Skills class about pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone  –     Accept new challenges that sometimes make you nervous and worried about failure.   G0 to events where you’ll encounter and greet new people.  Do something you haven’t done before or try something again where you may have performed below your expectations the first time like speaking in front of a group.  Take a course you have an interest in but realize it will take a lot of hard work and you may need tutorial help to do well.   Why put this pressure on yourself????  Because, this is how we create diverse networks, meet new people with different interests than our own, and learn about new careers and interests.  This is how we build a diverse network of successful people who may eventually help us with our careers.   The process of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone will make us stronger and better.  This is how we build confidence and self esteem.  Please watch this video of a remarkable high school student athlete who stepped out of her comfort zone in a way one might never imagine.  Remarkable and inspiring.  Please explain to me, in a well written statement, how pushing yourself out of your comfort zone has similarities to the way this courageous young woman pushed herself beyond her comfort zone.   Please send your well written statement with good grammar, perfect punctuation and spelling and SHORT SENTENCES to my email address by Thursday, March 30th before 11:59pm.  Thank you.

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