Today’s Homework: March 27, 2015

1.  As we prepare for our visit to the campus of Roger Williams University in April, please do the f0llowing:

  • search the Roger Williams University web site for major areas of study, extracurricular clubs and sports, ethnic and racial diversity of the student body, study abroad programs, professor-student ratios and pictures of their Bristol, Rhode Island campus.  Also, attempt to find comments of students who have attended the school for their opinions of their experience at RWU.
  • list the characteristics of the people you would like to meet and speak with during our tour.   I will forward your request to Mr Mays so that he might find someone on campus with these characteristics for you to speak with.  For instance, you might request: a political science major with an interest in law enforcement.   You might add someone who is involved in the University’s theatre productions or a member of the school’s multicultural organization.
  • Don mays 2photo

    Don Mays, the Interim Director of the Intercultural Center at Roger Williams University, greeting the Hope HIgh Life Skills class after his introduction by Fernando Perez at the beginning of the class.

    2.   Read the profile of “Sam Houston” in your “Study of Change” text book from pages 63 to 70.  Write a summary statement for Mr Houston’s resume.  Remember, a summary statement lists the positive qualities of a person in well written sentences at the top of one’s resume.  Mr Houston will be presenting this resume with the summary statement you’ve written during his upcoming job interview.   Mr Houston thanks you profusely!

3.   Have an enjoyable and fulfilling school vacation!   See you again on April 10.

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