Today’s homework: March 3rd, 2017

1.  Write your job resume.  Don’t worry about how good it is.  When I lost my job last year, I had to write a resume.  I sent it to Nan for her review.  It took three or four attempts before I created a resume that Nan believed properly presented my skills, talents and experience that would illustrate the value I could bring to a new company.   Writing a good resume is a process;  it takes time.  And, it’s worth the effort.  You will all eventually need a resume to present when you apply for an internship, job, after school organization and even for a work study job at a college.    Please print your resume and hand it to me at our next class.    I look forward to reading your resume and giving you the constructive criticism to create the resume that will get you the job or internship you want.

To remind you of the format Nan described today, here is my resume as a reference.

Stephen Cronin                                                                                                                                   401-374-7603

15 Andrew Court                                                                                                     

Swansea, Massachusetts 02777


Executive Summary


PRESIDENT and General Manager executive experience with a proven track record of delivering bottom-line results for multiple businesses in diverse industries and widely varying business cycles. Strategist, revenue driver, market visionary and community leader adapting and responding to dynamic client needs, market challenges, community service responsibilities and emerging technologies.  Leadership skills launched new internal departments and revenue streams, led strategic corporate acquisition and franchise initiatives and long term, award winning community service activities. Successful executive roles from startup initiatives (cable television company) to change initiatives for a mature company (Marketing Strategy and Services company).  Key areas of competency include:


  • Direction and oversight of multiple company departments to meet customer expectations and company goals with a collaborative and cohesive team environment
  • Progressive thinker and planner for emerging technologies and practices affecting company’s business activities to ensure long term, company growth
  • Actively engaged with all major clients to solidify client/company relationship to ensure relationships, refine company’s client service performance and determine future client needs.
  • Participated in all vendor contract negotiations.
  • Established long term partnerships with complementary service providers to enhance TWOBOLT competitive brand in the marketplace.
  • Led company (Mercury Print & Mail) and franchise (cable television) acquisition searches, presentations and negotiations
  • Corporate representative for press and community service programs.
  • Encouraged strong community service engagement by staff and corporate office with activities and programs like the Border to Border Relay Race and Hope Life Skills program.



Professional Experience


TWOBOLT/Mercury Print & Mail –  Pawtucket, Rhode Island    –  1999 – 2016

President & CEO  –  2000 – 2014

President2014 -2016

  • Provided leadership, direction, planning and oversight of all activities in this long standing, mature company from sales and customer service to IT and Manufacturing.
  • Directed a staff of up to 80 people in multiple departments with corporate sales as high as $8.6million
  • Oversaw sales growth from $4.2 million in 2000 to a peak of $8.6 million in 2009
  • Provided leadership and strategy through 2010 downtown eventually stabilizing revenues and eventual revenue growth by 2012
  • Led changes of corporate brand and client value proposition from a commodity service relationship to marketing strategy and services provider
  • Established and developed multiple cooperative corporate relationships with area companies with complementary service offerings to augment TWOBOLT services for a full service TWOBOLT presentation to existing clients and prospects
  • Led sales prospecting effort for new clients as well as solidifying TWOBOLT relationships with existing major clients


Inland Cable Communications – Attleboro, Massachusetts 1980 – 1998

Director of Sales and Marketing –  1980 – 1984

  • Coordinated sales and marketing efforts in a multi-franchise, start up cable television company from direct, door to door campaigns and multi-media advertising to internal telemarketing programs
  • Identified, negotiated, successfully launched and marketed all new cable networks added to the cable channel lineup.
  • Launched a radical, highly secure FREE tier of service driving basic and premium channel penetration as well as pay-per-view activity
  • Recruited, hired and trained direct and telemarketing staffs


                    General Manager1984 – 1998

  • Provided leadership, direction, planning and oversight of all marketing, community relations, community franchise responsibilities, local programming, press announcements and company personnel in this multi-franchise cable company from franchising and start up to maturity
  • Selected and negotiated contracts with all cable networks carried on the cable system including pricing, channel location, launch and marketing support
  • Direct liaison with all municipal cable television committees governing the operation of the company in all communities served
  • Negotiated and deployed municipal cable interconnect with local newspaper for live local news updates on a morning cable television program
  • Took market penetration from start-up status/no customers to 70% market penetration
  • Managed relationships with Inland Cable’s multi-system operator (MSO) partners including American Cable Systems, Continental Cable, US West, Media One and Comcast
  • Managed the transition of the company and its relationship with the communities served to new MSO ownership and operations by Comcast


Attleboro (Massachusetts) School Department –  1973 – 1980

Middle School Social Studies Teacher

  • Created and developed a unique middle school social studies curriculum
  • Created the board game “Hegemony: A Game of Diplomacy and Conquest” as a heralded teaching tool



Awards and Recognition


  • 2016 Jefferson Award winner for community service and represented Rhode Island at the National Award ceremony in Washington, D.C. for the development of a Life Skills program at one of Providence, Rhode Island’s inner city high schools (Hope High School) over a 14 year period.
  • Author of 10 text books for the Life Skills program. See Hope Life Skills web site –
  • Established “Runversation” in 2008 with then President of Rhode Island School of Design, John Maeda, and local entrepreneurs, designers, technologists and creative thinkers





  • Master of Education:  Providence College 1978, M Ed
  • BA History: Marist College 1971

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