Today’s Homework: October 19, 2018

  1.  Please begin reading “The Futurebook.  In preparation for the FUTURE FORUM on December 5th, we will have a class discussion on Friday, December 1st, about this book.  Your impressions of what you read in “The Futurebook will be discussed during this class.  Please be prepared; we may have guests from another school at this class.

    The Future” book. If you don’t have a hard copy of this book, click on the book’s cover image on our Hope Life Skills web site –


  2. Please complete your personal resume, print a copy and bring it to our next class.   Please remember:  use a “professional looking” email address; use key words in your SUMMARY, if possible, like “creative“, “dependable“, “hard working“, “responsible“, “focused“, and “leader“.   Furthermore, try to show in the experiences you list where you have been ‘responsible’, ‘creative’, ‘focused’ and a ‘leader’.  Thank you.   



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