Today’s Class: October 19, 2018

Today’s guest was Ray Nunez, the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.

Christian Hernandez welcomes Ray Nunez to Hope High School today.

Leadership RI is a non-profit organization which brings people together, like a networking community, to maximize each person’s potential and, in the process, the companies and organizations they are part of.

Ray Nunez joined our class today

to administer the Clifton Strengths Assessment, an online personal survey that identifies each user’s strengths.

Mr Cronin’s Strengths Assessment

The authors of the survey believe they can identify what people are good at.   Ray Nunez explained “the survey creators believe in focusing on people’s strengths, what we’re good at, rather than what we’re not good at. 

By focusing on our strengths, we will be more successful

in our jobs and relationships.  We’ll feel fulfilled.  And, the companies and organizations we work for will benefit as well.

Today’s survey will identify your strengths so you can focus on potential jobs and relationships which take advantage of those strengths” 

Ray Nunez said.

Christian introduces Ray Nunez to his classmates at the beginning of today’s class.

Arthur Bonga greets Ray Nunez following Christian’s introduction.

Ray Nunez explains the purpose and benefits of the Strengths Assessment he was administering to the class.

students begin the strengths assessment

Ray Nunez answers Arthur’s question as he navigates the Strengths Assessment

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