Today’s Homework: October 12, 2018

1. Start creating your resume.  Nan will return on October 29th for a class on job interviewing skills.  Please try to have your resume done for this class.  Please be prepared to give me a hard copy (on paper) of your resume at our October 29th class.  I look forward to reading it.  Thank you.

2.  December 5th is The FUTURE FORUM.  PLEASE start reading “THE FUTUREbook I passed out in class today.  If you were not given The Future” book today, please catch up on your homework assignments so I can give you the book next class.   The Life Skills homework assignments prepare you for the significant amount of work you will be expected to do in college as well as the skills needed for successful jobs and careers.   THE  FUTURE” book will ALSO prepare for the FUTURE FORUM.  Please remember, over 20 corporate futurists from all over the world and the United States as well as students from LaSalle Academy and one other private school will attend the Forum.   “The FUTURE book will inspire you to think creatively.  Seguro!  As a result, you will have great ideas to share in the workshop sessions of the FORUM where you will collaborate with corporate futurists to imagine careers, jobs, even companies you can start in YOUR FUTURE.   Knowing all of you as I do, I know you will find the workshops fun.  I am also confident you will amaze yourself with the creative, innovative, imaginative ideas you will come up with during the Forum workshops.  Seguro!  Keep working hard.  I’m proud of you.

3.   For those who don’t have your profile on LINKEDIN, please create one by going to   All of you, please ask Marta Aparicio, a graduate student at Columbia University studying International Relations, to “connect” with you through LINKEDIN.  Marta is studying to be a United States ambassador representing America at a United States embassy in a foreign country.  Marta is a 2o10 graduate of Hope High and our Life Skills class.    She is amazing!  You will meet her on January 4th!

The 2018 FUTURE FORUM at Hope High School will take place on December 5th. You will have fun. You will also be amazed at how creative you will be thinking during the event. Yes, you will!  And, you’ll have a great lunch too.


LinkedIn is a social media site for professional people. Companies use LinkedIn to find job candidates for their companies by searching LinkedIn profiles.

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