Today’s Class: October 12, 2018

Today’s guest was Nan Quinlan.

Nan is a well respected business consultant who advises companies and individuals about maximizing career, job and business opportunities.

From advising company leaders how to maximize their employee talents and developing strategies for successfully resolving challenging situations to helping individuals write ‘opportunity-creating’ resumes and preparing for ‘life changing’ job interviews, Nan has been sharing her expertise for the last 8 years with the Hope High School Life Skills class.

Today’s lesson was about creating an opportunity-creating resume!

Good resumes don’t guarantee a job. Good resumes help you differentiate yourself from the other applicants to get the opportunity to tell your compelling story in a job interview”  Nan said.  “Your ability to tell your convincing story, how you will add value to the company, takes place in your interview.  I’ll be back in two weeks to teach your some proven interview skills and strategies.   Today’s about your resume!!!!

Maricruz Flores welcomes Nan Quinlan to Hope High School prior to today’s class. Well done, Maricruz!

Maricruz introduces Nan to her classmates at the start of today’s class.

Alexander Reigosa welcomes Nan to the class following Maricruz’s introduction.

Isabella Caraballo-Godfrey also welcomes Nan to Hope High as other students wait to do the same.

Nan begins to explain how to create a GREAT resume.

Hector Guerrero Pimental helps Nan by passing out samples of a great resume.

Khadiatou Njie reviews Nan’s resume ‘template‘ or ‘design‘ for a great resume.

Nan describing the purpose of a great resume design.

sample of a great resume. This resume sample lists “Strengths”. These “strengths” come from a Gallup “Strength” survey you will take next week. Successful companies give the Gallup survey to their employees to find out what their ‘strengths’ are. The findings help employees work in jobs they will be good in and enjoy which exploit their strengths.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIST YOUR STRENGTHS ON YOUR RESUME.

Robert Desilets has a question for Nan – yes, questions are more important than answers!!!

Maricruz and Nan ‘network’ after class. Maricruz will probably “connect” with Nan on LinkedIn later this weekend.

David Narvaez networks with Nan at the end of today’s class.




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