Today’s Homework: October 5, 2018

  1.  If you have not set up a LINKEDIN site, please do asap.  Then, ‘CONNECT‘ with me on LinkedIn.  Find ‘Stephen Cronin’.
  2.  Check the HOMEWORK REPORT I distributed in class today.  If you are missing any homework assignments or you have not sent me your business card information, please, send them to me before next class. Thank you.  If you have issues preventing you from doing any assignment, let me know at your earliest opportunity.
  3. I will be passing out the eyebrow raising, jaw dropping, mind boggling, “No Way!!!” declaring, curiosity igniting, imagination arousing, creativity inflaming, ‘aburrido’ extinguishing, jump up and down causing, collaboration rallying, confidence building,   THE FUTURE” book at our next class to those students who are committed to the Life Skills program.  THE FUTURE book is the start of our preparation for December 5th’s FUTURE FORUM AT HOPE HIGH SCHOOL where the Hope Life Skills class will be hosting 20 corporate guests from a variety of industries and countries as well as students from other schools in the state of Rhode Island for a conversation about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’S IMPACT ON FUTURE CAREERS.   This book is a ‘must read’ to properly prepare and get the most out of the Forum experience.  For a preview of the FUTURE BOOK, click on the book cover with the photo below on this web site.  For those students committed to this class, you’ll receive a hard copy of the book next class.

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