Today’ Class: October 5, 2018

Today’s guest was Anthony Muhammad,

one of the largest banks in the World,

Deutsche Bank.

The Hope Life Skills host for this day was David Narvaez (left in photo) seen here welcoming today’s guest, investment banker, Anthony Muhammad, to Hope High School.

David introduces Anthony Muhammad to his Life Skills classmates to start today’s class.

Kevin Frias Ozuna welcomes Anthony to today’s class following David’s introduction; the rest of the class waits to do the same.

Kevin Castenada welcomes Anthony to today’s class.

After beginning the class with an activity’ to  develop student questioning skills, Anthony begins to share his personal story.

I graduated from Hope High School.  In fact, one of my classes was in this classroom” Anthony said. “I then went to Providence College for a degree inFinance‘.  One of the most fortunate things that happened in college was

an internship that connected me with a former Wall Street investor.   He opened up his network of other Wall Street investors to me. 

The more people I met, the more I realized investment banking might be a great career for me.  And, it has been.”

Anthony speaks about the importance of ‘Personal Brand‘ and ‘Networking‘.

I really believe how people perceive my brand has helped me in my career” Anthony said.   He

advised the Life Skills class to develop a positive brand.

Qualities like ‘respectful’, ‘hard worker’, ‘always trying to improve skills’, willing to

‘push out of your comfort zone’

and constantly networking will always create opportunities for life time success.”

The class ended with a scheduled networking opportunity as students thanked Anthony for taking time out of his business day to visit Hope High and then asking for his business card to add Anthony to their network.  Kevin Torres takes advantage of this networking time as Anthony prepares to give Kevin his business card.

Selene Bun also takes advantage of the opportunity to network with Anthony.


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