Today’s Homework: September 15, 2017

1. Read pages 1 through 28 in the “Questions” book posted on this web site.  Just click on the book to read pages 1 through 28.   Then, in a well written statement with perfect spelling and grammar and short sentences –

  • the “Questions” book shares a story about the company IDEO.  Why does the company IDEO try so hard to make sure their employees are comfortable asking questions?
  • name a person you either know or have read about and tell me a question you would like to ask this person?
  •   Please send your answers to my email address no later than Sunday, September 24.  Thank you.

2.  Check out the two photos below from our blog posted entitled, “Field Trip: September 13 and 14″.  Alexander Osterwalder shares his belief about  ‘failure‘.  The slide Alexander Osterwalder’s presented to the BIF audience reads – “What is Success?”   “Why I want my kids to fail!”  Please tell me why you think Alexander Osterwalder “wants his kids to fail” as they create their first business, a graphic comic book for children.  Please send your answer to my email address no later than Sunday, September 24.  Thank you.


Alexander Osterwalder shares the story about his mentoring his two children as they start a new business creating a graphic comic book for children.


Here’s the slide sharing his belief about “Success” and “Failure”.




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