Today’s Homework: September 30, 2016

1.   One of the indicators of how successful a person will be in their life is how they deal with adversity, failure and/or misfortune.  Most people experience some level of hardship or adversity sometime in their life.  How a person deals with their misfortune, whether they withdraw and chose to not try as vigorously as they once did or whether they use their misfortune as a catalyst to persevere and work harder, is a telltale sign of who will have the grit and personal strength to be a successful person in life.  Please watch the following story of one girl’s personal misfortune and how she reacted to it.   After watching the video, please share with me any life lessons you could learn from Kayla’s story and apply to your own life and your pursuit of lifetime success.

2.  Please read the Wall Street Journal article I distributed in class entitled “Employers Find ‘Soft Skills’ Like Critical Thinking in Short Supply” from the August 30th, 2016 edition of the Wall Street Journal.  Please share with me, in a well written statement, the skills and behaviors reporter Katie Davidson claims great companies are looking for in the people they hire today.   Further state in this well written statement whether you have these ‘Soft Skills‘, or what we call in our class “Hope Life Skills’, that companies aligned with this Life Skills class will be looking for in their interns.    Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Homework: September 30, 2016

  1. The lesson I learned about Kayla is we never have to give up if you want your dream to come true. you have to fight for the dream you believe in. You have to believe you can make the dream come true. You have to believe your dream can become reality with effort, dedication and perseverance even if you have a disease, like Kayla, that has no cure.

  2. I am always curious how some people achieve success while others don’t. Why some students choose to not try as vigorously as they could while others always give it all they have. How some people, like Kalimah, overcome adversity to become successful while others give up when they face adversity and never achieve the success they could?

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