Today’s Class – September 13, 2019

Stephen Cronin explains the Goals of the Life Skills class to the 2019 – 2020 class.

The Goals of the Hope Life Skills program are –  

#1.  build student self-esteem;  confidence.   #2. introduce the concept of “personal brand“,  in other words, the way others think about and/or perceive us, AND understand how a person’s brand EITHER creates opportunities for success for life OR eliminates opportunities for success for life.    #3. Have students use their brands to build networks of successful people who can advise and help them for life.   #4.  Introduce students to jobs and careers they are presently interested in OR jobs and careers they may not know about  #5.  teach and develop important communication skills especially collaboration, presentation, personal greeting, and writing skills.”

Stephen  Cronin explained to the students his commitment to their success. 

I am like your personal coach committed to helping you become a successful person for life by introducing and developing important skills and attitudes that most successful people use and constantly look to improve upon throughout their lives.  I will work hard to help you become a successful person.

I will do this as long as you fulfill my expectations which are –

#1 come to class on time, all the time.  For days when extraordinary circumstances prevent you from being coming to class and being on time, you text, call, or email me asap to explain reasons for your tardiness or absence.   #2Do YOUR HOMEWORK all the time and on time.  For days when extraordinary circumstances prevent you from completing your homework on the due date, you MUST text, call, or email me asap to explain reasons for your inability to pass in your homework on the due date AND THEN TELL ME the date you will most certainly complete your homework and turn it in to me.   #3ASK QUESTIONS – they are more important than answers!   All questions are important; there is no such thing as a dumb question.     #4.  say “THANK YOU” , always, when someone does something for you. Follow up ‘thank you‘ emails and hand written notes and cards help you build a great brand with people you network with!!    #5. PUSH OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.   FOR EXAMPLE – Go on class field trips and introduce yourself to the successful people at the event. Ask for their business cards and give them yours!    ANOTHER EXAMPLE – Volunteer to be a class host-for-the-day by welcoming a class guest to our class and Hope High before the class starts THEN escort the guest into our classroom to introduce him or her to your classmates before the class starts. PUSH YOURSELF!!!!   #6.  Know MISTAKES are part of life and can present you with a great opportunity for learning something important that will make you a stronger and wiser person!   Don’t give up!!!!!  Keep working hard AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.   #7NETWORK CONSTANTLY!”

“I look forward to reading your homework.   I also look forward to seeing you in ROOM 112 next Friday.”



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