Hope High School Student Summer Internship at CVS Health Corporate

Edwin Silverio (standing to the right), Senior Manager, Pharmacy Returns, at the CVS Health Corporate offices in Woonsocket, RI, introduces Hope High junior and member of the Hope Life Skills class, Jose Quintanilla, to members of the CVS corporate team on August 27th prior to Jose’s presentation about his summer internship experience.

Mr Cronin, Jose saved CVS hundreds of thousands of dollars this summer in his role during the summer internship.   He did a great job.” 

Marcos Vecoli, Advisor, Pharmacy Product Flow and DC Compliance

Jose presents to members of CVS Health’s corporate team about his role, responsibilities, and results during his summer internship at CVS Health, a $200 billion dollar, international company.


“Mr Cronin,  Jose is an amazing young man.  The simple fact he gave a professional presentation today to 15 high level CVS Health corporate team members should not be taken lightly.   Furthermore, his ability to gather and analyze data and make intelligent deductions from his analysis, his communication skills sharing information with other team members and his respectful and intuitive questions leaves observers here very impressed.” 

Edwin Silverio, Senior Manager, Pharmacy Returns

left to right – Edwin Silverio, CVS Health Digital Department team member Fernando Perez, Jose Quintanilla, Stephen Cronin Hope Life Skills teacher, and Yael Torres, CVS Health contractor.   Both Fernando and Yael were Hope Life Skills CVS interns following their junior year in the Hope Life Skills class. AND, because Fernando, Yael, and several other Hope Life Skills students’ personal brands were so strong interning at CVS Health, the company has continued to request their employment at the corporate office.


Thank you!

Edwin Silverio, Randy Martinez, Mike Martel, Donna Mumma and several other members of CVS Health for the opportunities they created for Jose this summer and all the Hope Life Skills students who preceded him.   This CVS Health team continues to change lives and mentor Hope High young men and women for life time success.

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