Future Forum 3 – December 5, 2018

Jose Quintanilla (far right) presents his entertaining and enlightening marketing pitch for his team’s artificial intelligent (AI) company with his corporate team at FUTURE FORUM 3

FUTURE FORUM 3 was a conversation, an exercise, and an activity flavored with fun.

A conversation about Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and it’s impact on the world?  Yes, it was.   An exercise to develop creative thinking and collaboration skills?  What better way than students from 3 different high schools – Hope High, LaSalle Academy and Rocky Hill School – uninhibitedly sharing their creative ideas in a supportive, collaborative environment facilitated by successful, empowering professionals.  A networking activity to meet new people and build networks of diverse, successful, people to create lifetime opportunities for personal development and success?  The Forum proved to be a perfect venue for people to introduce themselves to each other, ask questions, exchange business cards, enjoy one an other’s company and display positive, personal brands over a delicious lunchFun, you ask?  Where else could so many enjoy each other’s company, fly drones, don virtual reality goggles, and be amazed at the magic of one of our visiting futurists, Roey Tzezana!?!   And, we won’t forget the insight from one, Lisbet Gomez, from Hope High School.  “It will always be about the data!, Mr Cronin”.    I concur.

Yes, it is, LisbetYes, it is.”

Yours truly opens FUTURE FORUM 3 with an introduction to two of the Forum’s featured speakers – (left) Dr Roey Tzezana, an Israeli “Futurist” and Artificial Intelligence expert and Melissa Cronin, a Managing Director at the international consulting company, Accenture, in their Technology Financial Services Division.

Forum participants watch a 3 minute video featuring one of Saudi Arabia’s newest citizens, the android SOPHIA

Melissa Cronin, Director at Accenture, describes the impact Artificial Intelligence is having on her clients in Financial Services like Bank of America.

Terri Monjar, a Senior Relationship Manager at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, provides an example of Artificial Intelligence’s impact on banking by accessing ERICA, Bank of America’s (B of A) Artificial Intelligent virtual assistant,  through her mobile device.  “Erica will speak to you through your mobile phone to answer financial questions, help you better manage your spending habits, track your credit rating and monitor your subscriptions”.

Dr Roey Tzezana, co-founder and CEO of TeleBuddy -a robotics company – and the author of “Guide to the Future” and “Rulers of the Future” shares his vision of the global work place 10 to 20 years into the future.

Break Out Groups

Following Melissa and Dr Roey’s presentations, students and corporate guests broke into small groups charged with identifying a career or starting a new company influenced by artificial intelligence.

Juli Leonard, Orange Square chief designer, sets the stage for her student collaboration to create an exciting AI influenced company as co-facilitators Shai Afsai (Hope High School Library Director – immediately to Juli’s left) and Yoni Sunshine ( Development Director; Boy Scouts of America – two seats to the left of Shai Afsai).

Narine Lemme, a Business Transformation Leader/Master Black Belt and Analyst at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, shares the secrets of collaboration prior to entertaining her groups creative ideas about their AI influenced company.  Soren Ryherd, co-founder and President of Working Planet, sits across from Narine in the group.

Nick Decesare (top left), Creative Director, Signature Printing and founder and President of Third Effect Marketing and Design, and Owen Johnson (lower left), Chairman and CEO Revival Brewery, set the stage for their teams creative entrepreneurial ideas.

Don Mays ( College Admission Director – right side of the table in the pink shirt) and Javier Alphonso (business consultant across the table from Don) speak with their team of young, 21st century entrepreneurs.

Matt Flanagan, President of Senjiva, and Jack Templin, Managing Partner and Chairman of Axilis, inspire their team for the incubation of their new company.

Catalina Martinez, Regional Program Manager, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (back to the photo) and Elena Rich, the Dean of Student Life at Rocky Hill School (across the table from Catalina), prepare their team for their entrepreneurial excursion.

Terri Monjar, Bank of America Merrill Lynch (red jacket) and Melissa Cronin (across from Terri at the table) listen to the fascinating suggestions from their cohesive team.

Jim Clark (head of the table, President of JLS) and Dr Roey (to the right of Jim) inspire a collaboration among their team.


Hope High School’s Alex Lemaire begins the presentation part of the Forum sharing the specifics of her team’s new, 21st century, artificially intelligent influenced company to the Forum attendees.

Robert Desilets from Hope High enhances Alex’s corporate presentation.

Willa Geoghegan from Rocky Hill School describes her critical role in her new company.

Wura Oladele from LaSalle Academy speaks first as the duly elected President of her new company.

LaSalle Academy’s Bela Laurito (left) describes her role in her new company.

Aaron Chy, from Hope High School, explains his corporate responsibilities.

The essence of a futurist, Selene Bun from Hope High School, describes her corporate vision and her role within the AI influenced company her team created at the Forum.

Hope High’s David Navarez explains his corporate role as his corporate mentor, Nick Decesare, listens intently.

Pascale Burnett from the Rocky Hill School explains her role at her new company

LaSalle’s Lauren Germani defines her role at the company

Jay Hu from LaSalle Academy explains his mission within his new company.

Matt West, from St Raphael Academy, presents his company’s story as his administrative team listens intently – (from left to right): Jhneli Jimenez (LaSalle), Marcos Perdomo (LaSalle), Christian Hernandez (Hope) and Wendy Ortiz (Hope).

Giana Main tells the story of her company. From left to right: Giana Main (LaSalle), Tommy Bratini (LaSalle), Paola Varela (Hope), Khadiatou Njie (Hope) and Arthur Bonga (Hope).

Khadiatou Njie adds her perspective on the new company her associates have created.

Arthur Bonga shares some interesting insights on the positive and negative effects of artificial intelligence on jobs in the transportation industry.

Isiah DePina from LaSalle Academy leads the presentation on his company’s 21st century services. Darwin Morales (to Isiah’s left), Maricruz Flores (to Isiah’s right) and Ayo Onajide, are poised to add to Isiah’s corporate story.

from left to right – Kevin Torres (Hope), Jonathan Jimenez (Hope), Dakai Hu (LaSalle), Isabella Carabello (Hope) and Isabella Robinson (Rocky Hill) share their entrepreneurial plan with the Forum attendees.

After Jose Quintanilla’s (far right) scintilating opening statement, Lucy Salado (Hope High) speaks about her role in their new company as Wandely Montila (LaSalle) and Nick McConnell (Rocky Hill) wait their turn to describe their roles. Group mentor and collaboration facilitator, Claudia Cardozo, observes with obvious and well justified pride.

Nick completes the company narrative with convincing authority.

Lisbet Gomez was the spokesperson for her group’s entrepreneurial story.

Owen Johnson, MIT computer science graduate, “serial entrepreneur” (my attribution to Owen) and present Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Revival Brewery, shares his perspective on the opportunity and value accompanying personal ‘failure’ and the process of ‘iteration’ during one’s journey toward “success”.

The Fun!


more data collected, the greater the impact ‘bots,

‘droids, robots, and algorithms will have on our lives.   Safer riding autonomous cars?   The research clearly shows ‘yes’.  Quicker, more convenient shopping?   Yes, more time for work and play.   Faster, more accurate diagnosis of illnesses?  Yes, more accurate diagnosis by bots’, especially nano-bots inserted into a person’s vascular (veins and arteries) system means earlier diagnosis and intervention to treat viruses and diseases before they cause serious injury, even death.  And, in the process, lowering medical costs.  Lower costs for manufactured products like clothes, shirts, pants, and coats, etc and appliances (televisions, tablets, etc.)?   Yes!  Factories using ‘bots and AI make products with lower costs and, as a result, lower prices for consumers.   How about Education?    Yes.  Less expensive, more easily accessed, personalized learning.   And, ‘AI’ technology is creating

numerous NEW JOBS for people who have these skills:

computer ( e.g. Excel), creative, collaborative, and communications along with interpersonal abilities like empathy, curiosity, a willingness to push out of our comfort zones, humility, dependability, networking, and a commitment to life time learning.  Finally and

arguably most importantly, a great personal brand! 

This is what our 21st century, artificially intelligent future has in store for us.



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