Interview Preparations: March 16, 2016

First of all, I’d like you all to know today,

March 16, is my granddaughter’s, Claire Cronin, birthday.

5 years old.


Claire (left) and younger sister Audrey. Photo taken by Kent Avenue Photography of Campbell, California.  Check out the Kent Avenue Photography web site. Most popular photographer in Silicon Valley.


Claire’s youngest sister, Julia, attempting to set the Guinness Book record for consecutive hours on a swing.

Secondarily, and arguably, more importantly for you, here are a few job interviewing tips.

Many of you are either interviewing now or preparing for an interview.   Nan Quinlan, a previous guest to our Life Skills class this year who gave us some tips on resume writing, will be joining us again in a few weeks to introduce and exercise job interview techniques.    These videos will hopefully prepare you for your next interview as well as Nan’s class.   I hope you find this information thought provoking and helpful.

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