Today’s Homework: March 18, 2016

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thank you‘ has a major impact on your brand.  Here’s a thank you card sent by one member of our class to a person who did a favor for them.  The sender’s brand just increased in value in the eyes of the recipient.  As a result, the recipient will be ready to do additional favors for this sender.  Are you always saying ‘thank you‘ in the form of a card or note to those who are helping you along the way?

1.  During today’s class,

Hafzat reminded us of the importance of “the ask“.

Hafzat encouraged us to get out of our comfort zone to “respectfully ask for the job, the internship, even directions at Reagan Airport if you’re fortunate to be invited to the National Youth Leadership Forum this summer.  Your opportunities in life often start with ‘the ask’“.

2. Don’t forget the importance of “thank you”.  Anytime someone does something out of the ordinary for you whether it be a recommendation or a kind act, do the extraordinary by writing a ‘thank you’ note.  This acknowledgement will have a huge impact on the perception of your brand.

3.  For

those students interested in a paid summer internship at CVS Health,

please send me an email (scronin@twobolt) expressing your interest.  I will then compile a list to present to Mike Martel and his team at CVS with my recommendations.  Mike will then begin to schedule interviews for the applicants.   All interviews will be conducted at Hope High School.  Please remember to reflect on the brand you’ve been building this year and how it is perceived by those who recommend or interview you for jobs, internships and college acceptance.   And remember Hafzat’s advice about the importance of “the ask“.  I encourage you to reach out to Hafzat and Fernando for advice on the application and interview process.

5.  Please get your

2 permissions forms completed and returned to Mr Goodman by Tuesday,

March 22.  The first form is parental permission for our field trip to CVS Health corporate campus in Woonsocket, RI on April 7.  The second form is permission for a videographer to record your comments and opinions on our Life Skills program.  We are producing a video to inform Hope High School sophomores of the benefits and opportunities of the Life Skills program and encourage more companies to become involved in the Life Skills program with class visits, donations and paid internships.  I really do appreciate your willingness to be interviewed.  Future Hope High School Life Skills students will benefit from your willingness to help.  Thank  you.

6.  Read pages 1 through 39 in your new textbook, “A Quest For Success“.   Please tell me in a well written statement something in those pages which made you think, reflect or impressed you.

7.  Go to the personal network inventory on page 39 in “A Quest For Success“.  Please send me your answers to each of the 11 questions in the inventory.  Thank you.

8. Please have the #6 and #7 assignments listed above completed and sent to me electronically by midnight, Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

9.  Happy Easter!

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