Today’s Class: March 18, 2016

Today’s guest to our Life Skills class was Mike Martel, a Senior Director of Pharmacy Inventory Management at CVS Health.  Today’s host was Isaac Demola who did an outstanding job welcoming Mike to Hope High School and introducing Mike to the Life Skills class.


Isaac welcomes Mike Martel from CVS Health prior to the beginning of today’s class outside our Life Skills classroom.


Isaac introduces Mike Martel to his Life Skills classmates to open today’s class.


Mike greets Chanda Nuth as Valentina (to the right of Chanda in the brown sweater), Juan (to Valentina’s right) and Djovan (to Mike’s left in the jean jacket) await to welcome Mike to Hope High as well.

Mike presented the details of this summer’s CVS Health Hope Life Skills internship program.

This is the third year we’ve created summer internships for Hope Life Skills students.  The internships are in jobs like pharmacy, computer programming and data analytics, store management, supply chain management, product procurement and if there is another field you may be interested in, our team would certainly consider establishing an internship for it.  The internship is for 25 hours a week at a paid rate of $15 per hour for 10 weeks. Our team is willing to work with you to create a schedule.  You will be responsible for getting to our corporate offices in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  We are offering 2 internships this summer.  The application process will start with Mr Cronin posting information on your class web site.”

Fernando Perez and Hafzat Akanni, both Life Skills students from last year and recipients of summer internships at CVS Health last summer, were present in class today. Mike assured both Hafzat and Fernando of continuing their internships this summer.


Mike presents the details of this summer’s CVS Health Hope Life Skills internships to today’s class while students review the application details.

Fernando and Hafzat shared the details of their internship experience at CVS Health.   Both Fernando and Hafzat concurred that they learned a lot about working in a large, international company like CVS.   “People at CVS were very nice.  Whenever I had a question, someone was always willing to help me get the answer.   I was introduced to a software application called ‘Tableau’.  After an internship of writing computer programs, analyzing data and collaborating with CVS analysts, I ended the internship feeling more confident in myself”  Fernando explained.   “I encourage all Hope Life Skills students to consider the experience”  Hafzat added.

“Having an internship at one of America’s largest and most successful companies like CVS Health will make your resume and college application look even better”.

After a brief question and answer period, the class ended with the Hope Life Skills class networking session.


Valentina Gomez-Rincon exchanges business cards with Mike Martel during the networking session as Fatima, Juan, Chanda and Fernando Perez await their turn.


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