Today’s Class: April 1, 2016

Today’s guest to the Hope Life Skills class was Nan Quinlan.   Nan is the former Training and Development Manager at TACO, Inc in Cranston, Rhode Island.   Nan has been a frequent guest to our class, most recently, appearing three weeks ago for a class on “Writing An Effective Resume“.  Our Life Skills host today was Juan Corona.  Juan welcomed Nan to Hope for her second visit of this school year and then introduced Nan to the entire Life Skills class.


Juan Corona (right) meets with Nan Quinlan outside of the Life Skills class to prepare for Juan’s introduction of Nan prior to the start of today’s class.


Juan introduces Nan to his Life Skills classmates to begin today’s class.

 Today’s topic was

preparing for a great job interview.


Nan prepares students for the interview role playing part of today’s class with her suggestions for an effective job interview preparation and performance. Djovan Davega (center) and Travis Barbour listen intently.

Nan’s suggestion to the students was direct.  “You prepare for a job interview as you would prepare for any important event in your life.   Research the company you’re applying to.   Dress appropriatelyAnticipate the questions you’ll be asked.  Try to exhibit confidence in yourself all the while being humble and respectful. 

Make sure your social media impressions on Facebook and Twitter present your personal brand in a positive way. 

Realize your evaluation starts as soon as you get out of your car in the company’s parking lot right up to your greeting to the company receptionistYou never know who may be watching.  Make sure the interviewer gets the impression from your body language and tone of voice how much you want the job.   Try to find some way during the interview to inform the interviewer of your special skills like speaking more than one language, your ability to write code, leaderships skills from your experience as captain of a team or the lead role in the school play or job experience from an internship like the CVS internship program.  And, within 24 hours of the interview, follow up with an email or written note to the person who interviewed you expressing your appreciation for the opportunity you were given to interview for the position.

The class then transitioned to a

job interview role play.


Ayobami Bankole begins the role play by greeting a company receptionist.


Ayobami then presents himself professionally, respectfully, confidently all the while humbly to Nan, the interviewer in this role play.


Ayobami listens intently to Nan’s questions before responding. Ayobami’s body language, with hands resting confidently on the desk with good posture and respectful eye contact with Nan, presents a strong, professional personal brand.   Nan was impressed.  Ayobami, well done;  you’re hired!!!!!



Manny Rivas was the next student to volunteer for the job interview role play.  Manny was also exceptional, i.e. confident posture, great eye contact, excellent listening skills and thoughtful responses to Nan’s questions. Furthermore, we learned today Manny was just accepted at Providence College with an exceptional scholarship offer. Congratulations, Manny!!

Today’s class ended with a reminder.  “Don’t worry about being nervous.  Everyone is during a job interview.  But, please remember, you’re all very talented. I’ve been here before. I’ve seen you all in action.  You are an impressive group of students.  Trust yourself and your abilities.  Prepare for the interview; do the appropriate research on the company you’re applying to.  You might even admit to the interviewer you are nervous;  it’s ok.  The

most important thing an interviewer is looking to determine is your character;  are you a dependable, responsible, respectful person?  

Then, how will you work with others?  Will you be a good representative of our company?  And, finally, do you have the skills to do the job you’re applying for?”



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