Today’s Class: April 12, 2019

Today’s guest was Dr Roey Tzezana, an Israeli futurist and physicist,

Dr Roey sharing his vision of the future with our students.

co-founder and CEO of TeleBuddy – a robotics company, the author of “Guide to the Future” and “Rulers of the Future” and, recently, the featured presenter at Hope Life Skills’ annual FUTURE FORUM held each December at Hope High School.

Dr Roey shared his vision of

an artificial intelligence (AI) directed future.

From a

cure of aging and robot lifeguards (drones) to autonomous vehicle and robot pizza delivery, 

After taking the latest gene editing, anti-aging treatment in 2025, photo of Stephen Cronin in 2075 teaching the Hope Life Skills class!  Still going strong at 126 years old.

as well as autonomous buses, trucks, and UBER rides, the job market of our future will require different skills and continuous learning for our students to be the successful people each one of them aspires to be.   Because of these amazing changes in society and the GLOBAL job market, people must be committed to

life time learning to be successful. 

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