Today’s Class: April 17, 2015

Today’s guest was Samantha Rivera, the Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator, for an organization called ‘Year Up Providence’.  ‘Year Up Providence’ is a one-year, intensive training program that provides young adults, ages 18-24, with a combination of hands-on skill development, college credits, and corporate internships. The organization opened its doors in January of 2005.   Today’s Life Skills host was Travis Barbour.

year up 1photo

Life Skills host, Travis Barbour, introduces Samantha to the rest of the class.

If you think you may not be ready for college, there are alternatives.  I am here to tell you about one of them.  It’s called ‘Year Up’.  It’s located in downtown Providence.  ‘Year Up’ essentially trains you for life, as a person, student, job seeker and employee, so when you are ready for the next step in your life, you’re better prepared to take advantage of the opportunities with it.   And, we pay you during the process!”  Samantha explained.

year up 2photo

Samantha shares her amazing and inspiring story with the Life Skills students.

Samantha shared her personal story, from the environment she grew up in and the challenges she dealt with along the way, to her experience at ‘Year Up’.   “I went to college after high school and wasn’t ready.  My network was filled with the wrong people and I made some unfortunate decisions. When it came right down to it,

I was missing a ‘WHY’ in my life.   Well, I found my WHY and ‘Year Up’ helped me make the most of it.”

Samantha went on to describe her training at ‘Year Up’ and her eventual internship at the Amica Insurance Company in Lincoln, Rhode Island.  Samantha also shared with the class her present career interests.

Samantha counseled the students not to worry right now if they haven’t been able to decide on a career path.  “It takes time.  And, you’ll probably have different jobs in different industries throughout your life.  There are more and

more people today who have multiple careers.  Our interests and needs change during our life. 

It’s commonplace today for people to have jobs in different industries throughout their lives.   Our

goal now should be to explore different alternatives.  

Internships.  Part time jobs. Field trips like the ones you go on with Mr Cronin to places like CVS and TeeSpring and BIF.  Don’t be shy;

get out of your comfort zone and ask questions.  Each experience gives you an opportunity to learn about different jobs

and careers.   And keep working on building a network of good people who are successful and have great values.  I didn’t always do this;  now I do.  I am very selective about the people in my network.  I want my personal brand to create opportunities for success not eliminate them.”

The class ended with Samantha exchanging business cards with the Life Skills students and opportunities for both students and Samantha to add exceptional, new people to each others’ network.

year up 3photo

Samantha exchanges business cards with Hafzat Akanni while Gisabel Salcedo and Olimpia Aldana Perez wait to do the same.

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