Today’s Homework: May 1, 2015

  1. Read your textbook “The Story of Singapore and The Change Agent Who Created It” from page 1 to page 54.  After carefully reading and then reflecting on these pages, prepare one question to pose to next week’s guest to our class,  Tino Chow.   Tino is Singaporean, i.e. born and raised in Singapore.   He is about 28 years old.  He went to college at the Rhode Island School of Design majoring in Industrial Design.  Your question can be about anything you want to ask about the country of Singapore or Singaporean people.   You could ask Tino for his opinion about something related to Singapore.  You could ask him to compare his experiences in Singapore and the United States.  You could ask Tino for his reaction to something mentioned in our textbook to question the accuracy of this author’s description of Singapore.  Remember, the author of this textbook is an American.  He is simply sharing his perspective of what he’s read and observed about Singapore.   Does a Singaporean agree with this author’s perspective?  You will have an opportunity to find out from next Friday’s conversation with Tino Chow. You are searching for the truth; always!  The goal is to get you comfortable asking a question to get the accurate and truthful information you’re interested in about our topic, i.e. Singapore.  Rest assured, there is no right or wrong question here.   You could ask for additional information about Singapore beyond what you’ve read about.  Write this question on the index card I distributed today in class.   If you were not in class today, write your question on a piece of paper the size of an index card.  I will collect your index card at the beginning of next week’s class.   Please feel free to send me your question if you’d like my feedback by Wednesday night, May 6th.   I go to bed very early so I will not respond until the next day, Thursday, May 7th.  I appreciate your patience on the wait.
  2. Roger Williams University tour.    Bus will leave Hope High a 9am.   Make sure you have your permission slips.  Bus will return to Hope High around 2:15pm.  We will have lunch at the University’s cafeteria.

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