Today’s Class: December 14, 2018

Today’s guest was Ray Nunez,

the Program Coordinator at Leadership Rhode Island.  Ray returned to the Life Skills class to review the results of the student strengths assessment survey, which the students took on October 19th, and answer any questions they might have.

Today’s host was Arthur Bonga.

Ray Nunez (right) was excited to see Hope Life Skills host, Arthur Bonga outside the classroom prior to the start of today’s class.

Arthur announces Ray’s return and today’s mission at the start of today’s class to his classmates .

Students welcome Ray Nunez back to Hope Life Skills following Arthur’s announcement.

Ray begins today’s class by showing the class the range of impressive strengths the survey detected in the students’ assessment as well as a conversation about student individual strengths.

This spread sheet shows each individual student’s strength as well as the impressive range of strengths with this class.

Students review the Clifton strengths survey report identifying their top 5 strengths.

Kevin Castenda (left) acts as an employer listening to Arthur Bonga explain his strengths in a mock interview.

Maricruz Flores (left) explains to Jonathan Jimenez her strengths in their mock interview.  In the background, Christian Hernandez (left) shares his strengths to mock employer, Darwin Morales.

Aaron Chy shares his list of strengths during today’s class and explaining to Ray Nunez how these strengths would help him get a job in the video gaming industry.

Kevin Torres likewise shares with the class his strengths and how he would explain to a potential employer in the video gaming industry how his strengths would help the video gaming company.

Maricruz Flores gives Ray Nunez her business card as Ray gives Maricruz his during the networking at the end of today’s class.

Jose Quintanilla exchanges business cards with Ray Nunez during the networking at the end of today’s class.

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